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42 is born in Ramat Gan, Israel. Her parents fled Germany during World War II.
60 lives with her parents and a little brother in Haifa
is a student at the University of Haifa. She finishes one year of psychology, languages - German, English, Hebrew, French and Italian - and drama.
is crowned “Miss Haifa”
29 May 60 is crowned “Miss Israel”
6 July 60 the press reports she may sign a movie contract if she can get permission to remain in the United States. She says Jerry Lewis asked her to make a movie with him when they appeared on a television program together. She has been on six TV shows and has a part in the upcoming movie Exodus. When she graduates from the university, she'll spend two years in the army as an officer. "If I don't marry by the time I graduate I'll be drafted," she says.
8 July 60 tagged an "olive-skinned brunette from Haifa," she's heralded the 15th semi-finalist in the “Miss Universe” pageant in Miami Beach, Florida. The winner is Linda Bement, "Miss U.S.A."
August 60 as "Miss Israel," she's on hand to give a special welcome to the Nahariya, the first Israeli ship to begin service between its country and Los Angeles harbor
20 September 60 is guest speaker at a meeting of the San Fernando Valley Council of B'nai B'rith Women, a group dedicated to the campaign for State of Israel Bonds, held at 14933 Victory Boulevard, Van Nuys
Late 60 tours major American cities at the request of the government of Israel to discuss and promote State of Israel Bonds
? serves in the Israeli army and becomes a trained combat soldier
? her parents come to the United States and settle for a time in Cleveland, Ohio
Early 60s makes her home in Los Angeles
10 October 64 marries Seymour "Sy" Schulman, administrative director of Hollywood's Cedars of Lebanon Hospital, at the Hampstead, London, registrar’s office. He's 37; she's 22. They met four years ago when she toured Cedars of Lebanon and he was her guide.
November 64 the press tells that she paints in her London apartment as a hobby. "The hobby earns her money when she is not acting."
December 65 will be a harem hussy in Universal's upcoming Beau Geste
c. 66 is off to England for the filming of Contest Girl and The Hand of Night
c. 67 is off to Hong Kong for a movie with Fernando Lamas and Jack Palance
July 67 the press reports that she "started taking lessons with her husband, Sy Schulman, for her role as a pool hustler in the movie To Kill a Dragon, which will be released in a couple of months. Now she, too, is hooked on the game and expects to get a pocket billiards table for her home."
Mid-70s her parents pass away
3 December 72 is one of two dozen players in a simultaneous competition with chess master Shimon Kagan during a special Jerusalem Fair chess tourney held at the Los Angeles Convention Center
13 February 77 she and fellow "Miss Israel" winners Aviva Israeli, Hana Levi, and Ronit Rinat grace the All-Israel Fashion Cavalcade of the San Fernando Women's Division of Israel Bonds held at the Beverly Hills Hotel
March 77 divorces Schulman in Los Angeles
8 May 78 marries Sheldon Schrager, production manager of Columbia Pictures. He's 47; she's 34. He was formerly married to director Norman Taurog's daughter, Patricia.
c. 94 as Alizia Gur-Schrager, she is active for Women’s Alliance for Israel
? divorces Schrager
June 97 comments on Christie's disappointing Hollywood auction at their new Los Angeles office: "They took the wind out of everybody's sails. It was just too high to start and they took the game out of it."
? as Alizia Gur Schrager, she resides in Beverly Hills
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