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(Birgitta Wetterhall)
6 September 33 is born in Linkoping, Sweden
c. 52 is crowned "Miss Stockholm"
? starts modeling
? makes eight movies in Sweden
February 53 is Jerry Orbach’s excitement
July 53 spreads rumors that her ex-friend, an ad executive, brushed her off
September 53 goes on a date with "Double or Nothing" announcer Bob Williams at Armando's
October 53 yawns-it-away with Bob Williams
May 54 is Private David G. Schine's date at the Waldorf
July 54 is the sometimes date of Private G. David Schine. She is rumored to have fled to Europe to dodge testifying at the Congressional hearings, but she went because Errol Flynn - her longtime friend - had the blues.
is a trio at El Morocco with Gary Cooper and Charlie Feldman
August 54 is a duo with Peter Salm at Spindletop
secretly marries Leslie Jackson
c. 55 her daughter, Patricia Christine, is born. She will become model Patricia "Patsy" Sullivan Webb.
June 55 columnist Walter Winchell reports that she “told Little Club chums she’s been Mrs. Leslie Jackson for many months...”
September 55 is a must-see-and-hear at parties with her act as model Nancy Berg, doing her late-night TV show
July 56 is seen at Armando's with Marty Mills, ex-beau of actress Nanette Fabray
57 divorces Jackson
February 57 is squired from the Pavilion to the El Morocco by Errol Flynn
February 58 dates Barry Sullivan, who will marry her when he's free
June 58 sails off the coast of California with Barry Sullivan aboard the 92-foot yacht Gracie S. They plan to marry when his divorce becomes final on June 24th.
July 58 columnist Walter Winchell calls her his "discovery"
is seen at El Morocco with Barry Sullivan
July 58 lunches with fellow actress Terry Moore at 20th Century-Fox
25 July 58 secretly marries Sullivan in Tijuana, Mexico. The press will learn about it in September.
September 58 learns about her splitting with Sullivan from a Hollywood columnist who phoned her that Sullivan had given out the news. They were together just the night before.
November 58 remains in Los Angeles to ballyhoo the picture Wolf Larsen when Sullivan flies to New York for a TV show. Nothing wrong with reconciliation, though. They are very happy.
December 58 zips around Hollywood in a robin's egg blue sports car, which came as a surprise present from Barry Sullivan a few days after their recent reconciliation
February 59 is bedded with painful back injuries suffered in a Beverly Hills auto crash
25 June 59 obtains her first interlocutory divorce decree from Sullivan charging that he has fits of temper. She claims: “Ten months of marriage doesn’t entitle a woman to a big hunk of alimony. I wouldn’t stick a man if I could. My property settlement with Barry will be a modest one, according to Hollywood standards. The split is definite. We just don’t have enough in common to be happy together.”
August 59 takes her child and a nurse to La Jolla to reconcile with ex-husband Sullivan, who opens there in Two for the Seesaw
November 59 says she will not go back to estranged husband Sullivan and isn't dating anyone
December 59 reconciles completely with Sullivan and plans to give up her career to become a housewife
is hospitalized for a virus
April 60 takes her oath of U. S. citizenship in Los Angeles. Afterwards, she and Sullivan pose for the press.
Mid-October 60 Sullivan's attorney, Si Taub, says, “They had a little tiff on Sunday and she moved out.” Her attorney, Ed Raskin says, “We are exploring the possibilities of a settlement. If there is none, we will file suit for divorce.”
20 November 60 seeks divorce for the second time in 17 months claiming Sullivan often used profane language in her presence
November 60 announces in court that she and Sullivan have a 5-year-old girl. The existence of the daughter was not publicly known before.
December 60 Winchell asks: “What’s with Gita Hall (who’s estranged from Barry Sullivan) and Gordon Scott?...”
10 January 61 her attorney reports that she and Sullivan reconciled the day her suit was about to go to trial
March 61 asks to revive the November 1960 divorce suit and to set a date for a trial. She charges cruelty and claims Sullivan often used profane language in her presence.
April 61 Dorothy Kilgallen writes: “Gita Hall, who just got the interlocutory divorce from Barry Sullivan, is headed East with her daughter. She says she’ll return to her career as a model...”
is seen at the Stork Club with three girlfriends
10 April 61 obtains her second interlocutory divorce decree. The settlement gives her $150 monthly child support for her 5-year-old daughter Patricia and $700 monthly alimony for five years. She is given custody of Patricia, and he’s awarded visitation rights.
May 61 is seen at the Stork Club with Dick Sage
Kilgallen knows: “Barry Sullivan and Desiree Sumara are blazing now that he’s been set adrift by Gita Hall...”
July 61 Winchell notes her at Villa Arturo “introducing her date as Baron von Anonymous...”
November 61 Winchell thinks she and Count Bertil Bernadotte “had that cat-and-mouse look at El Morocco the other midnight...”
December 61 is seen with her ex-husband, Barry Sullivan, at Harwyn's corner booth
February 62 fellow actress Tina Louise moves in with her
is reported having “a Texas rancher daffy about her...”
11 February 62 she and her New York roommate, actress Tina Louise, give a party on Tina’s birthday. They invite 8 other girls and 40 men, among them actor Hugh O’Brien; composer Bob Merrill; Peter Duchin; Claude Terrail, maitre of the Tour d’Argent of Paris; and playwright Arthur Kopit.
March 62 Louella Parsons knows: “While Barry Sullivan is beauing Desiree Sumara, his ex, Gita Hall, is finding Dr. Ernest Winder good company. They were a duo at the Harwyn Club. Remember, the doctor is a close pal and frequent escort of Kim Novak?...”
April 62 is reported doing publicity work for Chock Full O’ Nuts
Winchell tells: “Candlelight for two: Gita Hall (the former Mrs.. Barry Sullivan) and one of JFK’s aides (a Colonel), getting away from the busy-bodies at Manero’s, Greenwich, Cona...”
May 62 she, John Ireland, and Shelley Winters are considered a colorful trio at Eddie Condon’s
4 January 63 Sullivan says in a petition in a Los Angeles court that she neglected their 7-year-old daughter and was dating a married man. Sullivan says he wants physical custody of the child but is willing to share legal custody. A hearing is set for January 14.
14 January 63 Sullivan’s attorney declares that his client has dropped a court petition for custody of Patricia. It’s said that the child no longer objected to returning to her mother and has been returned to her.
February 63 Winchell reveals that she “dines with socialite William Wright, Jr., in New York but The-One-Who-Matters-Most is White House aide General Godfrey McHugh...”
September 63 is seen at the Stork Club holding hands with Mitchell May, Jr., an insurance broker
October 63 is seen out at the Lombardy with George Jessel
Early December 63 columnist Earl Wilson notes her with young star George Hamilton
December 63 her steady at the Stork Club has become Mitchell May, Jr.
64 marries Mitchell May, Jr.
Early April 64 columnist Harrison Carroll reports: “Gita Hall, now an ad account executive, will be here soon with a beautiful client who puts out a new, French beauty treatment. While Gita travels, her daughter, Patricia, is visiting father Barry Sullivan in Hollywood...”
November 64 Louella Parsons tells: “A divorce doesn’t happen in Hollywood as casual as you may think. By the time you read this, Barry Sullivan will be heading east to tell his daughter Patsy (by Gita Hall) that she’s losing her stepmother, Desiree Sumara. Says Barry sadly, ‘Both Patsy and my older daughter Jenny are crazy about Desiree. As a matter of fact, so am I. But there are too many problems for us to go on together. Let’s face it, I’m one of the biggest problems. I’m pretty hard to live with. I know the girls are going to be upset. I want to tell them that it’s all over before they read it cold.’”
Mid-January 65 Winchell tells: “Barry Sullivan’s ex-wives are very obliging. Desiree filed for divorce last week and Gita Hall hopes the church will grant an annulment...”
May 65 columnist Walter Winchell tells: “Beauteous Gita Hall’s inner-circle believe she will eventually marry her No. One date, now legally separated...”
January 69 her 13-year-old daughter Patsy Sullivan becomes "Yardley Cover Girl of 1969." Patsy is an eight-grade student at a New York parochial school.
8 February 70 her daughter Tracie is born
74 her daughter Samantha is born
18 March 00 becomes the widow of May, who dies at age 66
13 August 16 dies at age 82 in Los Angeles
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