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(Marianne Pissowotzki)
15 May 33 is born in Johannisburg, East Prussia, to Otto Pissowotzki and his wife, Friedel. She has an elder brother, Siegfried, who will become a renowned cinematographer.
? her father is missing in the last days of WWII
? her mother marries Johann Weis
c. 45 settles with her mother and stepfather in Innsbruck, Tyrol
? runs away from home at age 15 and goes to Rome, Italy, where she starts working in the kitchen of a Protestant convent
July 49 she and Alex Kruk, a U.S. Marine, plan to marry. Kruk hails from Detroit, Michigan. He’s 20; she’s 16.
? works as a cutter at the Cinecittà film studio near Rome
? is spotted by director Gabriel Pascal, who offers her a scholarship at the Cinecittà acting school
27 September 50 the engagement is cut short when Kruk is killed in combat at age 21 in Seoul, Republic of Korea. Corporal Kruk was scheduled to be released from military duty but unexpectedly was called back when the Korean War started. He is posthumously awarded the Purple Heart.
c. 50 is discovered by mountaineer-turned-director Luis Trenker. There are rumors she and Trenker are lovers.
November 57 is on the cover of Film Revue #24
Christmas 60 spends her holidays with Italian cellist Enrico Mainardi in Greece
December 60 there are rumors she may marry Mainardi, despite the fact that he’s still married
? the press claims she secretly married Mainardi. He is approximately 30 years her senior.
62 her address is Munich 2, Ottostrasse 9. She also maintains a flat in Innsbruck, Tyrol, and a small winery in Southern Tyrol.
February 64 while filming Mission to Hell in Bangkok, she meets the director of a pharmaceutical company, Czech-born Dr. Friedrich Strobel von Stein, and marries him six days later in a Far Eastern ceremony. Strobel represented his country in the swimming competitions at the Olympic Summer Games in London, 1948. He will be discovered by French director Andre Hunebelle as a movie actor and change his name to Frederick Stafford.
they honeymoon at their home in the Bahamas
4 December 64 her son, Jean Paul Roderick, is born in Sorengo, Switzerland
August 69 is on the cover of Cine Revue
Christmas 69 is Christmas shopping with her husband in Hamburg, Germany
1 September 73 vanishes with her son, 8-year-old Roderick, from her hotel room in Lugano. Her last sign of life is a phone call where she declares to take a taxi to Milan and then a plane to Rome. Stafford reports her missing to the Roman authorities.
End September 73 finally is found in a confused state of mind by her husband at their Lugano penthouse. She has to be treated at a psychiatric clinic. There are rumors the reason for this is due to her husband’s 25-year-old co-star, buxom Margaret Rose Keil.
28 July 79 her husband dies in the crash of two planes above Lake Sarnen, Switzerland. A Morane Rallye piloted by Czech-born Pavel Krahulec, M.D., and in which Stafford is a passenger, collides with a Piper aircraft, piloted by businessman Alois Fischer of Thoune, Switzerland. Stafford was 51; Krahulec was about 35.
8 August 79 the police of the Canton of Obwalden release the identity of the three victims. The cause of the crash is unknown.
? as Dr. Frederick Strobl-Stafford, her husband is buried next to Pavel Krahulec at Witikon Cemetery, Zurich
? sells her apartments in Munich and Rome and breaks up with friends such as Luis Trenker and actor Hans von Borsody. She assumes the name of Strobel and vanishes with her son in Zurich, Switzerland.
87 reporters locate her in a Swiss sanitarium, where she is recuperating from stomach surgery
maintains flats in Zurich, Lugano, and Marbella and a home in the Bahamas, where she spent her honeymoon and where she plans to enjoy her later years
91 is in the real estate business in Majorca, Spain
lives in a 185-square-meter home in Lugano at Lago Maggiore, Switzerland. Her salaries were invested in real estate at Marbella and in the Bahamas.
11 September 94 dies at age 61 in her home in Lugano from cardiac arrest. She had been at home alone when death came in the middle of the night.
? as Marianne Strobl-Hold, she is buried next to Stafford and Krahulec at Witikon Cemetery
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