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(Rosetta Jacobs)
22 January 32 is born in Detroit, Michigan
51 along with Barbara Payton, Mona Freeman, Peggy Castle, Mala Powers, and Barbara Bates, is one of the Hollywood Press Association's "Baby Stars"
December 51 her new steady is film producer Frank Rosenberg
April 52 is wearing the ring from young Universal-International executive Charlie Simonelli, but the romance is cooling
she and Tony Curtis don't like each other too much on the set of Almost Married
May 53 is out with hotel heir Nicky Hilton
December 53 films again with Tony Curtis, whom she dislikes
May 55 is out with G. David Schine, scion of a wealthy New York family, 28 years old and aide to anti-Communist Senator Joe McCarthy. He will die in a tragic accident along with his wife, former Miss Sweden and Miss Universe, Hellevi Rombin, and their son, who is piloting their private plane, which crashes on a portion of the Los Angeles freeway.
June 55 is suspected to be secretly married to G. David Schine
July 55 insists that she has absolutely no intention of running off to Alaska to marry G. David Schine before his Army discharge. If there is a marriage, it will be arranged properly by the parents.
November 55 has a "true friendship" with accordionist Dick Cantino, who will later marry actress Leigh Snowden
December 55 is still evasive about G. David Schine, now managing the Los Angeles Ambassador Hotel
April 56 she and actor-dancer Gene Nelson say they have so much fun together on their dates
she and Gene Nelson are one of Hollywood's steadiest romances
does an advertisement for Grace Walker Shoes
August 56 Gene Nelson is telling friends that he can't afford marriage, but he hasn't told Piper this
May 57 is leaving Gene Nelson to study acting in New York
21 January 62 marries drama critic and writer Joseph N. Morgenstern at the Long Beach, California, home of her sister. Retires for fifteen years to Woodstock, New York.
71 her daughter Anna Grace is born
14 October 23 dies at age 91 in Los Angeles
Giseld Dervishi, The Fox Girls by James Robert Parish, Silver Screen, Screen, Modern Screen, Motion Picture, Movie Life, Screen Stories, Celebrity Sleuth, Made in Heaven by Victoria Houseman
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