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(Dorothy Cook)
10 November 34 is born in Americus, Georgia, the elder of two daughters of Henry and Dorothy English Cook. Her father's an atomic scientist.
? her parents are killed in a car crash. Her mother dies on the spot, and her father, from the lingering aftereffects.
? is raised by her grandmother
? when her grandmother becomes frail and feeble, she is adopted by a wealthy local family
? renames herself Joanna
? attends Agnes Scott College near Atlanta
? marries and divorces Willis Moore when still a teenager
Mid-50s wins a beauty pageant and is brought to Hollywood. There she's discovered at a cocktail party and signed to Universal-International.
April 57 she and Joe Perrin are among the ringsiders at the Mocambo
August 57 columnist Walter Winchell reports that TV producer David Susskind makes the airlines rich with flights to California to see her
October 57 is seen at the Luau with Mac Krim and Dr. Ernest Wynder, New York specialist. Both of them are former suitors of of Kim Novak.
November 57 attends the WAIF ball with Bob Neal. She ordered a sequin and rhinestone patch for her left orb just in case her eye infection doesn't clear up. She's been doing only song shots for If I Should Die.
columnist Dorothy Kilgallen notes that she sports a sequined eye patch and has her good orb focused on Ben Gazarra these nights
is the date of Bob Neal, who shows local night life to his sister, Marian, and her husband, Bill Rubey, who are in Los Angeles from Houston en route to Honolulu. Together they’re seen at the Mocambo.
December 57 the press notes that she really dyes for her movie career. At producers’ orders, her hair in her last three movies has gone from honey blonde to dark blonde to peach blonde and is now is now golden blonde for The Dark Shore.
is the girl who cheers Mac Krim the most after his romance with Kim Novak
January 58 her escort at the Oyster House is young actor Nick Adams
February 58 is seen at the Bantam Cock with Floyd Simmons
c. Spring 58 meets Brazilian playboy "Baby" Pignatari by arrangement of his friend, actress Zsa Zsa Gabor
May 58 is seen at the Oyster House with Bob Evans
November 58 is noted dining out with her agent, Neil Cooper
? is put under personal contract by Alfred Hitchcock. He wants to change her hairdo, so she quits.
January 59 columnist Walter Winchell thinks that Taina Elg's about-to-be-ex, Dr. Bjorkenheim, teaches her "how to pronounce it"
columnist Harrison Carroll reports: “If Joanna Moore was in a fog when she reported back to Columbia’s The Last Angry Man after the holidays, she had a better reason than most of us. She was tossed off on her head when her horse bolted at a Valley riding academy.”
June 59 she and fellow starlet Marianne Gaba are the favorite dates of young singer Jimmy Boyd
March 60 attends the Globe Awards with her former escort, George Stevens, Jr.
December 61 columnist Harrison Carroll notes her at the Crescendo in a party with Glenn Ford, David Lange, and Maggie Pierce
62 during the filming of Follow That Dream, Elvis Presley tries to break through her door. "He's a bore," she announces.
March 62 columnist Harrison Carroll tells that she “was supposed to be wealthy Michael Butler’s date at the Tex Fieldmans’ 16th wedding anniversary, but she became ill and had to enter the Beverly Hills Doctors Hospital. She’s home now and feeling much better.”
3 April 63 marries husband #2, actor Ryan O'Neal. He's 21; she's 28.
April 63 is asked to audition for a lead in Disney's upcoming Son of Flubber, where she will play a southern belle. Earlier she studied diligently to remove every trace of her Southern accent.
? she and O'Neal move into her dream house on Sabana Lane, Encino, California
September 63 her six-month marriage to Ryan O'Neal is shocking her friends, too
5 November 63 her daughter, Tatum Beatrice, is born. She will become an actress.
64 for a month she films the pilot for TV’s upcoming “Three Coins in the Fountain,” in Rome. Her co-stars are Yvonne Craig and Cynthia Pepper.
? cigarette and cocktails become her constant props
28 October 64 her son, Griffin Patrick, is born
Early 66 she and O'Neal separate. He appears shaken by the split. She will be in a deep depression following the divorce. In 1992 her daughter will claim that that "some women survive divorce, some don't. Some turn to pills or alcohol to soothe the pain."
October 66 Ryan O'Neal has a very unhappy situation with his divorce from her
67 O'Neal goes for a Mexican divorce, and the California judge says it’s not valid. O'Neal will marry fellow actress Leigh Taylor-Young the same year.
Early January 67 is replaced in The War Wagon by Joanna Barnes, allowing her to star in Moonshot
February 67 divorces O'Neal
? is seen around with musician Michael Rubini
? adopts two huge German shepherds, Sarge and Tiara, former LAPD dogs
? falls for Darvon
c. 68 settles with her kids on a four-acre ranch in Reseda in the San Fernando Valley
? has a 15-year-old boyfriend, Seth
27 March 70 O'Neal finally gets around to picking up his divorce papers in Santa Monica, three years after the divorce
April 70 columnist Marilyn Beck notes her “terribly philosophical” about her divorce: “I didn’t care much one way or the other about the degree. It was Ryan’s problem. He was the one who had remarried, who had another child by that marriage.”
c. 70 acknowledges her amphetamine addiction and checks into Camarillo State Hospital
Fall 71 has an argument with O'Neal while visiting him with her kids unexpectedly at his Malibu Beach home. He has her arrested for drunk driving and keeps the kids.
November 72 is guest of the Johnny Cashes in Nashville to attend the premiere of Gospel Road, a picture Johnny and June made in Israel. During her stay she appears on the Grand Ol' Opry.
Early February 75 will marry Gary Reeves, a successful Los Angeles roofing contractor, this month. The February wedding date is set because it is the anniversary-month of their meeting two years ago.
13 February 75 marries Gary L. Reeves in Los Angeles. He's 29; she's 34. Reeves is divorced and has a daughter. Columnist Dorothy Manners tells: “Tatum O’Neal was a model daughter at the wedding of her mother Joanna Moore to contractor Gary Reeves. The young girl was warm and friendly to the guests, embracing old friends and receiving with her brother, Griffin, who was happily emotional about the whole affair.“
? her son, Griffin, lives with her
? becomes a member of an evangelistic religious sect, the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel
February 76 there are speculations she may now have grounds for demanding custody of her daughter, who attends boarding school in Ojai, California
December 76 divorces Reeves in Los Angeles
June 77 her daughter purchases a Palm Springs condominium for her. Both 13-year-old Tatum and 12-year-old Griffin are in the custody of their father in Malibu Beach or at 9897 Beverly Grove Drive, Beverly Hills. O'Neal's currently divorced from wife number two, Leigh Taylor-Young.
is angry over press reports regarding a "romance" of her daughter with 16-year-old Jackson Five member Michael Jackson. She insists the kids are only friends saying, "I resent the implication that there is more to it than that."
July 79 is heartbroken over losing her Neiman Marcus bag on a flight home to Los Angeles after visiting her daughter on location in Madison, Georgia. The bag contains a collection of family pictures and keepsakes that her aunt in Americus, Georgia, had given her.
c. 80 reconnects with Tatum
Mid-90s gets $2,000 a month from Tatum for living expenses
? has five arrests for driving under the influence of drugs
c. 96 is seen with Ronnie Gross, the ex of starlet Lisa Jak
? is diagnosed with lung cancer
Late 97 her daughter rents a house in Indian Wells in order to take her out of the hospital
22 / 23 November 97 as Joanna Moore, she dies at age 63 in Indian Wells, California, in the arms of her daughter
? her ashes are taken to Americus, Georgia
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