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c. 36 is born
53 is crowned “Miss Hollywood”
June 54 at 18 she already counts 29 magazines to her credit
will appear in a big musical film
supports her mother, sister, and grandmother, all living in Santa Monica
tagged a New York network radio performer, she's pictured in local newspapers promoting the Fourth of July festivities
August 54 competes in the "Miss Rheingold of 1955" contest, the "second largest election in the United States. Lined up with her are Grace Brown of New York, Susan Alexander of North Hollywood, Stephanie Griffin of San Fernando, Nancy Woodruff of New York, and Barbara Wilson of Pasadena. In a few months one of these lovely models will be $50,000 richer after the polls close."
October 55 is Playboy’s “Playmate of the Month”
April 57 the press heralds that CBS officials chose her to go to Australia for the debut of TV
July 58 is a new twosome with Bob Petersen
August 58 is on CBS’ "Radio Workshop"
January 59 she and Suzanne Alexander are hostesses on TV's "Peter Potter Juke Box Jury" show
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