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(Ziva Shapir)
2 March 33 is born in Haifa, Israel. Her father is an accountant.
c. 47 goes to the States at age 14
? spends three years in St. Louis studying ballet dancing
? returns to Israel and enlists for a year with the army
? marries Mr. Zapick in Israel. He’s deputy director of Israel’s Defense Ministry Purchase Mission to Paris.
54 is crowned Israel's wine festival queen
September 54 as Ziva Shapir, she is on a goodwill tour throughout the States to promote Israeli wine
? upon her arrival in New York, she stays with a girl, who one night takes her to Danny’s Hideaway, a famous celebrity restaurant. Producer Sam Spiegel comes over and asks: "My dear, who are you?" The next morning his secretary calls and gives her an appointment at the offices of Universal-International on Park Avenue. There a Mr. Beckman sets up a Hollywood screen test for her. She will get a chauffeured car and $25 a day while waiting for the results of the test.
Early 56 arrives in Hollywood from Tel Aviv and signs with Universal-International / after three Israeli films, she is offered a Universal-International contract
April 56 graces the Israel Independence Week held in Oakland, California, with a pantomimic dance
June 56 columnist Walter Winchell knows: "Michael Rennie, who rushed Dietrich in Vegas and Hollywood, is pitching for beauteous Ziva Shapir of Israel..."
January 57 changes her name to Ziva Ro-Dann. Columnist Louella Parsons claims Ziva speaks seven languages.
May 57 director Samuel Fuller puts her under personal contact. She and Gene Barry are both in his China Gate.
End August 57 columnist Harrison Carroll reports: “At the Thalians’ beach party, Bob Peterson took Ziva Rodann, but spent a lot of time talking to former romantic moment Lori Nelson.”
in New York City columnist Lee Mortimer tells: “Bob Peterson, a one-time Lori Nelson fan, just crazy about Ziva Ro-Dann, a former ‘Miss Israel’...”
58 her measurements are 35-22-35 1/2
is crowned “Miss Foreign Press,” a.k.a. “Miss Golden Globe”
March 58 those items linking her and Elvis Presley are a lot of malarkey, says John Gabriel. He insists he is her only beau.
June 58 is seen at Jack’s at the Beach with John Gabriel
is seen at the Gourmet Beverly with Buzz Mahan
August 58 she and fellow Universal-International starlet Cynthia Patrick promote the upcoming picnic season. The press tells: "Miss Shapir was signed to a studio contract following the appearance in three Israeli films."
September 58 is featured nude in Scamp
is seen at the Cocoanut Grove with John Gabriel
December 58 her escort at the Cocoanut Grove is Bob Evans. The McGuire Sisters sing.
April 59 is a surprise twosome with Dr. Herman Platt at the party for Ray Anthony at Bill Holmes’ house. Until recently, the doctor steady-dated actress Elaine Stewart.
July 59 is seen at the 7 Chefs with Sandy Howard
October 59 is off to New York to talk about a part in the new Helen Hayes play. Aly Khan’s younger brother flies down from Harvard to date her.
December 59 attends Buzz Mahan’s cocktail party at the 7 Chefs with actor Skip Ward
60 argues a lot with Walter Reed and June Wilkinson, her co-stars in Macumba Love. Even producer Mike Ripps is reported cursing about her.
February 60 a male motorist forces her to the curb and tries to get into her car. She escapes by leaping out the other door and fleeing into a hotel.
March 60 the press rumors she teaches Hebrew to Skip Ward
April 60 attends Diahann Carroll’s opening night at the Cloister with singer Andy Williams
her escort for the ”Israel Today” showing is Skip Ward
May 60 dates Bob Evans
August 60 enjoys caperings with Prince Raimondo Orsini in Rome
November 60 will audition for Broadway’s upcoming Once Upon a Russian
ditches Skip Ward for Cary Grant. The columnists suspect a publicity gag by her Coast press agents.
December 60 is frequently seen at Peppi’s Viennese dining spot in Encino
her Christmas gift to Cary Grant is a Star of David
January 61 dates Mac Krim, former escort of actress Kim Novak
November 61 secretly auditions for a Broadway show
enjoys clam chowder at the Cordial Restaurant with famed columnist Earl Wilson. She claims that she was the worst girl soldier in the Israeli Army and hopes that for the good of America, they never draft her.
December 61 claims that Dinah Shore encouraged George Montgomery’s filming of Samar. From Los Angles, Dinah phoned him in the Philippines to tell him she liked the footage she’d seen on Samar, which he was directing and starring in, with Ziva as co-star. Soon afterwards, his marriage to Dinah breaks up.
August 62 George Montgomery still froths about her implying that she broke up his marriage to Dinah Shore. He says he practically never saw Ziva.
shows up at Hollywood parties with a chap named Mark Nathanson
November 62 the press tells that her escort in France is a racing car driver, but she won't name him
June 63 is a red-hot favorite for Cy Howard’s upcoming play Wind It Up and It’ll Break
July 63 is available even for a bit part if it will take her to Rome, where Lang Jeffries is. He’s Rhonda Fleming’s ex.
December 63 dates novelist Henry Miller, author of Tropic of Cancer
July 64 calls off her wedding plans with Reid Kimball
? marries Kimball
October 64 columnist Harrison Carroll reports: “Before Ziva Rodann left town, I’m told, she went to court and got that annullment from Reid Kimball, executive of Synanon House...”
March 65 leaves Hollywood for New York, turns blondish, and is accepted by the Actor’s Studio
September 65 rendezvous with insurance executive Henry Hays at La Venere West at West 58th Street
June 66 will leave for Israel to star in a James Bond-type movie
Mid-September 66 meets and falls in love with David Allen Shefler, 37-year-old Montreal business man, in New York
November 66 her fiancé, Shefler is killed in a plane crash. Columnist Harrison Carroll tells that "she got the news in a call from his brother to Tel Aviv, where she is doing the film Alizia. Shefler was an experienced pilot. He recently flew his plane around the world to ballyhoo the upcoming fair in Montreal." She tells Carroll that her "heart is broken into little pieces."
October 67 marries James R. Creech III, a Hollywood actor and writer
17 December 67 along with producer Stanley Kramer and Vice President Richard M. Nixon, she’s a guest on television's "The Sam Yorty Show," hosted by Los Angeles Mayor Sam Yorty
April 68 on their second honeymoon, she and Creech visit New York
December 75 divorces Creech in Los Angeles
5 February 77 as Ziva R. Blachman, she marries Fred S. Meade in Los Angeles. He's 53; she's 43.
30 December 02 becomes the widow of Meade, who dies at age 78 in Palm Springs, California
15 as Ziva Meade, she resides in Palm Springs, California
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