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(Jane Sterling Adriance)
3 April 21 is born in Manhattan, New York City. Her father is ad executive William Allen Adriance; her mother is from a distinguished Philadelphia family.
c. 27 her parents divorce
? her mother marries Socony Oil Company executive Henry L. White and relocates with her daughters to Europe
grows up in London and Paris and is schooled by private tutors
36 enrolls in Fay Compton’s dramatic school in London at age 15
37 moves back to Manhattan and tries to land a part on Broadway
January 38 producer Milton Shubert casts her for his Bachelor Born at the Morosco Theatre
41 marries her co-star in Bachelor Born, 24-year-old British actor Jack Merivale
43 tours in The Three Sisters
44 playwright Ruth Gordon casts her for her play Over 21 and renames her Jan Sterling
48 divorces Merivale, who will later marry British actress Dinah Sheridan
49 Columbia boss Harry Cohn tests her for his upcoming Born Yesterday, but the part goes to Judy Holliday
c. December 49 starts dating actor Paul Douglas
50 says yes to actor Paul Douglas after spending several days at Lake Gregory to think over it
12 May 50 marries 43-year-old Paul Douglas. They make home at Marion Davies’ mansion.
April 51 is seen nightclubbing with husband Paul Douglas
December 51 attends the premiere of A Place in the Sun with hubby Paul Douglas
May 52 since she had her nose altered, her resemblance to Lana Turner is amazing
July 54 does advertisements for Playtex
55 is off to London for the filming of 1984
October 55/56 her son, Adams Douglas, is born at home
56 her measurements are 36-23-36
November 58 celebrates the Riverside Diamond Jubilee with director Jack Sher and Patty McCormack
11 September 59 becomes the widow of Paul Douglas, who dies from a heart attack
c. 60 is on the Palm Beach stage in A Loss of Roses
Early 60s does a lot of stage work
June 65 will be part of a three-month cultural exchange tour of Outer Mongolia
70 returns to Broadway with The Front Page
settles in England
70s becomes romantically linked to her old friend actor-director Sam Wanamaker
78 is on Broadway in The November People
18 December 93 Wanamaker dies
Mid-90s moves back to the States
resides at the Motion Picture Home in Woodland Hills, California
00 her address is 245 Woodlawn Avenue, # H-6, Chula Vista, CA 91910-2107
01 attends the Cinecon film festival in Los Angeles
26 March 04 dies from a series of strokes at the Motion Picture and Television Hospital in Woodland Hills, California
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