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(Adele Ruth Crago)
27 October 34 is born in Green Acres, Long Island, New York
? is on stage at the Community Playhouse in Santa Barbara
26 September 55 appears in a series of photos for an Associated Press feature touting the health benefits of being a housewife. She illustrates that a body can be toned by doing housework, such as using a feather duster for stretching a sagging middle, using a mop handle to help whittle the waistline, and using a telephone book to strengthen arches and calves.
April 56 her aunt, Mrs. E. D. Timberlake, of 610 Oak Street, Indiana, Pennsylvania, is reported mightily proud of her niece
July 56 columnist Hedda Hopper tells that Carolyn goes into Showdown Creek opposite John Derek for Bob Goldstein. "She got her big break while acting with Community Playhouse in her native Santa Barbara."
December 56 is seen at the Round Robin with Ben Cooper
26 May 57 is "Trophy Queen" at the Southern California State Championship drag races at the San Fernando Drag Strip
Labor Day 57 meets Pasadena businessman Charles E. Graham on Catalina Island
6 June 57 becomes engaged to Graham in Portland, Oregon, via long distance telephone. She is in Portland for the filming of Portland Expose. He's 37 / 27; she's 22. Graham lives at 560 E. Mariposa Avenue, Altadena, with his mother, Mrs. Isabelle Graham, and sister, Susan. He is vice president of his father's Los Angeles printing firm. His father is M. C. Graham of Walnut, California. "The wedding will be in Santa Barbara, Carolyn's home town," Graham says, "but we haven't set a date yet. It depends on her picture commitments."
20 September 57 marries Charles Edward Graham
2 July 58 appears in an AP wire photo with Pat Wayne, 18-year-old son of actor John Wayne; the two will be teamed in a forthcoming TV show.
August 58 has starred in 35 television dramas since completing Giant
3 May 59 her son, Charles Edward, is born in Pasadena, California
61 divorces Graham
? marries Arthur Francis Bryden, manager of a big Buick dealership in Los Angeles
June 64 to promote her part of Cynthia Allison, the "other woman" on ABC-TV's "General Hospital," the press reports that she became skilled in the use of a snorkel when she spent a summer vacation on Santa Catalina Island while she was a theater arts student at Santa Barbara Junior College
April 70 divorces Bryden in Los Angeles. Arthur Bryden will marry Yolanda Brewster in 1976 and die at age 55 in 1983 in Los Angeles.
12 December 70 as Carolyn C. Bryden, she dies at age 36 in Culver City, California, from a gunshot.
? is interred at Inglewood Park Cemetery, Inglewood, California, Pinecrest, N 1/2 Lot 930, Grave 2
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