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9 June 26 is born in Baltimore, Maryland, of English, Irish and French descent, to Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Freeman. Her father is a contractor.
? her family settles in Pelham, New York, where she attends high school
? becomes a teenage model with the John Robert Powers modeling agency
? is the second "Miss Subway"
? billionaire Howard Hughes spots her photograph on a magazine cover and signs her to a personal two-year contract, without having met her in person. The second year Hughes sends her to Finch Junior College, but she goes only once.
? attends the Maryland Institute of Art, but is called to Hollywood by Hughes for a screen test. As Hughes isn't in town when she and her mother arrive, she schedules an interview for herself with Paramount. The studio has to buy her contract from Hughes, after two hours of heated discussion between Hughes and her.
45 marries wealthy Hollywood automobile dealer Pat Nerney
47 is pregnant while filming Mother Wore Tights
25 October 47 her daughter, Mona Freeman, "Monie," is born in Los Angeles. She will become an actress.
51 along with Piper Laurie, Barbara Payton, Peggy Castle, Mala Powers, and Barbara Bates, is one of the Hollywood Press Association's "Baby Stars"
because of her diminutive size, she's cast opposite Alan Ladd in the upcoming Branded
52 she and her daughter have a cameo appearance in The Greatest Show on Earth
26 September 52 divorces Nerney. She's twenty-six; he's thirty-two.
after her divorce she dates entertainment lawyer Greg Bautzer, hotel heir Nicky Hilton, and singers Vic Damone and Frank Sinatra
53 sees a lot of Bing Crosby after the death of his wife Dixie Lee. They are expected to marry but won't due to their Catholic religion and her being divorced.
has a wedlock whirl with bachelor Bing Crosby, who surprises all by dating Columbia starlet Kathryn Grant
February 54 she and actor Bob Wagner, rumored to have romantic interests elsewhere, make their first public appearance together at the same premiere
57 is on tour with Middle of the Night with co-star Edward G. Robinson
June 61 marries Los Angeles businessman H. Jack Ellis
? her daughter, Monie, marries her stepbrother, Don Ellis, son of Jack Ellis
Mid-70s lives in Hollywood and paints portraits and landscapes
23 May 14 dies at age 87 in Beverly Hills, California
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