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(Nancy Jane Gates)
1 February 26 is born in Dallas, Texas, to Virgil William and Ruth Gates, nee Nichols
? is raised in Denton, Texas
c. 30 becomes the official sweetheart of the Texas College band at age 4
c. 39 has her own radio show at UCLA at age 13
41 is under contract to RKO at 15
December 42 has her first screen kiss in The Great Gildersleeve. Director Gordon Douglas rewrites the scene upon her suggestions.
June 43 gets a bigger and better contract from RKO
June 45 she and Lieutenant Kenneth Price, actress Maureen O'Hara's brother-in-law, are altar-bound
c. 48 marries Bill Hayes. An Oklahoman born in Memphis, Tennessee, pilot Hayes will become one of filmtown's top business managers and handle the financial affairs of stars like Hugh O'Brien, Clint Walker, Dennis Weaver, Lloyd Nolan, and Carolyn Jones.
December 58 fellow actress Carolyn Jones presents her with a Haitian voodoo doll for Christmas. They are filming A Hole in the Head on location in Miami, Florida.
60 she and Hayes reside in Westwood, California
5 November 60 her twin daughters, Cynthia and Cathleen A., are born at St. John’s Hospital in Santa Monica, California
October 65 attends the Women Against Cancer gala at the Beverly Hilton Hotel's International Ballroom with Carolyn Jones
90s her address is 200 Comway Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90024
24 March 19 dies at age 93 in Los Angeles
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