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(Leila / Lelia Bernice Giles)
24 July 32 is born in Hooker, Oklahoma
is raised in Texas
? wins several beauty titles in Texas such as “Miss San Antonio” and “Miss Corpus Christi”
? gets married
c. 51 her daughter, Sandra, is born
53 moves with her family to Hollywood and works as a secretary-bookkeeper in a Jewish delicatessen
56 is a private secretary in Los Angeles
is roommate of aspiring fellow Texas model Juli Reding, who suggests her to agent Shelly Davis
May 56 poses as Lady Luck for a painting by Philip Paval at The Fremont Hotel in Las Vegas. When the painting is revealed, it appears to be a nude painting. Sandra is shocked because she posed in a bathing suit. She sues both the artist and the hotel. She settles out of court for a reported $15,000.
October 56 is one of the blondes with Tommy Noonan, master of ceremonies, at the Ballyhoo Ball in Los Angeles. The others are Juli Reding/Otis, Mamie Van Doren, Jayne Mansfield, and Kathy Marlowe.
arrives in a coffin lugged by six strapping pallbearers at the Hollywood publicist’s Ballyhoo Ball
actor David Janssen, with whom she stars in the TV pilot for “Richard Diamond, Private Detective,” is one of her serious romances
her mother operates several Sandra Shops in Los Angeles
April 57 her measurements (according to Picturegoer) are: 36-24-36
July 57 is on the cover of Vue
October 57 is seen at the Eldorado with Kansas theater owner Elmer Rhoden
tagged the Hollywood look-alike for Jayne Mansfield, she is cancelled from “The Tom Duggan Television Show,” an interview program, for showing "more cleavage than clothing"
September 57 attends the opening of English singer Georgia Brown at the Mocambo with Elmer Rhoden
December 57 is named "Miss 8-Ball" by the Los Angeles Press Club
58 tests for God’s Little Acre, but the role goes to Fay Spain
arrives at the premiere of Teacher's Pet in a pink-mink Thunderbird. “It looks horrible, but Sandra has covered the outside of the car with a pink-dyed synthetic fur.”
is featured in Life
April 56 columnist Harrison Carroll notes: “Pink T Bird, one of the pictures producer Elmer C. Rhoden, Jr., has planned for Sandra Giles to follow Daddy-O, will be written around the story of how Sandra actually was discovered in a delicatessen by a publicity man...”
April 58 Carroll returns to her: ”Tense moment when blonde and voluptuous Sandra Giles excused herself from her date, Sy Devore, at the Mocambo, started to the powder room and was intercepted by an irate admirer. They went outside, argued for a while, and Sandra came back weeping...”
June 58 tells the police that someone broke into her apartment just to steal 75 photographs of her
November 58 is photographed at a New York restaurant with fellow blonde starlet Juli Reding
December 58 is seen with Lee Fleischman and fellow blonde Juli Reding at Candy Barr's Club Largo opening
duets with Tom Lane, the ex of actress Rhonda Fleming
59 is the paramour of producer Elmer Rhoden, a mainstay of West Coast tire commercials, who wants a vehicle for her. He comes up with $100,000 for Daddy-O, starring accordionist Dick Contino.
February 59 is seen at the Luau with George Jessel
is the date of Lord Tony Furness of the Vanderbilt clan
May 59 attends Betty Duncan's opening at Dino's Lodge with Charles
July 59 is seen at the Cloister with Lee Fleischman
attends the Mary Kaye Trio opening at the Cloisters with Glen Rose. Her admirer, Lee Fleischman, comes with starlet Dyan Cannon.
August 59 is on the cover of Escapade
she and Julian Ludwig discover each other
is the date of actor John Barrymore, Jr.
September 59 attends George Hamilton's 20th birthday party with Skip Krask
is taken to dinner at the Captain's Table by Julian Ludwig
December 59 attends Buzz Mahan's cocktail party at the 7 Chefs with Chuck Moroni
January 60 attends Dinah Washington's opening at the Cloisters with Randy Prince
February 60 is seen at the Cloisters with Mac Krim
March 60 is reported living with her grandmother, 8-year-old daughter and a young French actress
August 60 is seen with actor Bruce Cabot
gets engaged to California contractor Paul Robertson
November 60 Carroll knows: “Wealthy Paul Robertson had to borrow $400 from Phil Tanzini at the Cloister when he and Sandra Giles suddenly decided to charter a plane and elope to Las Vegas. As already itemed, they couldn’t get married after they arrived because Paul remembered his divorce wasn’t quite final...”
1 December 60 she and Robertson say they will be married at the First Congregational Church in Los Angeles on December 2
2 December 60 marries Newport Beach builder and yachtsman, Paul Robertson. He's 30; she's 25. It's the second marriage for both.
Early 60s is signed to a ten-picture deal, but the producer suddenly passes away
60s dates Frank Sinatra, Michael Caine, and Trini Lopez, among well-known others
December 62 serves as grand marshal at the 16th annual All-Southland Salute to Santa Claus Band Review held in Huntington Beach
July 64 columnist Harrison Carroll tells: “The beautiful redhead with Bill Holmes on Sandra Giles’ and Paul Robertson’s yacht at Catalina was Rusty Allen...”
May 65 Carroll knows: “That was Carol Weber Bartlett, ex-wife of producer Sy Bartlett, with Kem Dibbs at Sandra Giles Robertson’s tennis party...”
October 65 from Rome, Linda Christian is reported “showing the town to Sandra Giles’ estranged husband, Paul Robertson...”
19 October 65 files suit for divorce from Robertson in Santa Monica claiming extreme cruelty
November 65 attends Jack Ryan’s party with Ross Martin
December 65 Carroll reports about her divorce: “Looks as if this will be another default hearing, because the estranged pair agreed on a property settlement, about which Sandra is very happy. She gets a new home in Westwood. Most important for this beautiful tennis buff: it has its own court...”
30 March 66 is granted an interlocutory divorce decree from Robertson in Los Angeles. She tells the court Robertson would go away on his boat “anywhere from two days to two weeks, and I’d never know where he was”
April 66 throws a swinging all-star birthday soiree for Joi Lansing, who comes with her husband Stan Todd. Other guests are Lisa Seagram with Robert Rombeau, “who often dates Sandra”; Margo Chipman with Skip Krask; Mac Krim with Judy Sau; Jeanne Taylor with Bill Holmes; Linda Meyers with Dick Bakalyan; Eleanor Parker with Dr. Marty Goldfarb; Joyce Williams with Sol West; Eileen O’Neill with real estate man Mark Nathanson; Carol Collins with Peter Rothschild; Jill Donahue with Tony Hayes; and Connie Hines with Nick Hayes.
is noted at the Daisy Club with Robert Rombeau
July 66 is seen at Charles V with actor James Arness
is seen at the Daisy Club with Karl Brent
Early August 66 Sol West throws a swinging birthday party for her at his home. Frank Calcagnini is her date. Others there are Juli Reding with Roy Sciacca, Tommy Gallagher with Suzanne Pleshette, and Sandra’s sister, Nina, with Robert Rombeau.
August 66 is noted at La Scala with Dave Gerber
she and Bobby Darin are a surprise twosome at the party for Carolyn Jones after her opening in High Spirits
September 66 she and millionaire Ed Hand are a frequent twosome at the Daisy Club
Early October 66 columnist Harrison Carroll tells from the Daisy Club: "Most envied man, perhaps, was Las Vegas hotel executive Abe Phillips, who'll open the enlarged Frontier next July. He was with three dolls, Sandra Giles, Lisa Seagram and Dianne Boyd..."
Octoiber 66 she and Abe Phillips are among the ringsiders at Choo Choo Collins’ opening at Dino’s Lodge
November 66 she and actor Ross Martin are experimenting apart
she and Ross Martin are noted at the Other Place to hear the west Coast Pop Art Experimental Band
December 66 attends Henry Kingston’s surprise birthday party for his mother with J. Rob Jordan
attends Juli Reding’s birthday party at the Villa Nova Up Room with Tony Scotti
January 67 she and Sondra Scott host a party at Paul Wexler’s house. Sandra’s with George Guinle and Sondra, with Tony Scotti. Wexler, one of the owners of Dino’s Lodge is with Evelyn Dutton. Other guests include Nancy Walter with Louis Shurr, Shirley Webb with Jacques Bergerac, Juli Reding with Roy Sciacca, Pat Crosby with Ted Witzer, Lisa Seagram with Don Key, Sy Bartlett with Dodie Marshall, Hannie Landman with Richard Tatro, and Joy Monroe with Johnny Anderson.
June 67 goes with Mac Krim to the press party at the Wheel, formerly the Other Place
December 67 she and Omar Sharif are among the twosomes at the Factory
Late February 68 Carroll reports that her ex-husband Paul Robertson was found dead in Rome. “He had gone over to package a show for Ty Hardin. It was Ty’s wife who found his body. Sandra called me in tears to say she was flying over to bring the body home.”
August 68 gives a dinner party at Stefanino’s to help her daughter Sandra and son-in-law Larry Brony celebrate their second week of marriage
December 68 attends the Acapulco Film Festival ball with Clint Ritchie
is seen at La Scala with James Kerr
June 69 columnist Barney Glazer reports that “James Caan found still another Sandra – Sandra Giles...”
October 69 lives in a comfortable spacious apartment in an elegant area near UCLA's campus
January 69 attends Juli Reding’s birthday bash for Herb Hutner with Clint Ritchie
July 73 attends the Ross Martin Celebrity Tournament at La Costa
August 74 attends the Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Tennis Tournament with Bobby Riggs
September 74 is seen at the 21 Club with Bobby Riggs
90s sells real estate in the Los Angeles area
97 owns a restaurant-dance club called Passion at 12215 Ventura Boulevard, Studio City, California
? as Sandra B. Giles, she resides in Beverly Hills
25 December 16 dies at age 84 at her home in the Hancock Park region of Los Angeles
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