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(Gloria Ruby Gordon)
16 October 37   is born in Beverly Hills, California. Her father is British playwright and actor-turned-MGM-director and -producer Leon Gordon; her mother is Thirties' actress Georgia Spence.
Mid-40s   gets a few small child roles in her father's films at MGM
44   when child star Margaret O'Brien can't cry and sob on cue, she is brought in to "voice-over" the snowmen scene for Meet Me In St. Louis.
51   officially goes into the business after signing a contract with 20th Century-Fox
December 52 she and fellow starlet Merry Anders are pictured helping in a Civil Defense aid raid drill on the 20th Century-Fox lot in Hollywood
? occasionally dates young actor Tab Hunter. Then, good family friend Cary Grant introduces her to Lance Reventlow, the son of Barbara Hutton. This relationship is well-approved, blossoms, and there is even rumor of engagement.
December 53 is the girlfriend of Lance Reventlow, son of multi-million heiress Barbara Hutton. Columnist Hedda Hopper reports that "Barbara may come west to see Lance this Christmas. At least she's talked to Cary Grant about it."
hasn’t seen 20th Century-Fox's The Robe yet, but she helped with it. She modeled for a sculptor making a statue of the huntress, Diana, which figures importantly in the action. She admits she wishes she, and not her plaster counterpart, had been in the movie.
January 54 columnist Harrison Carroll reports that there are rumors that she and Lance Reventlow are about to elope and that it will be a big shock to her father, Leon Gordon. "'Lance is in and out of the house all the time,' he tells me, 'but this is just kid stuff. Gloria wasn't 16 until a few weeks ago. And Lance is only 17.'"
November 54 she and Terry Moore are pictured with Lance Reventlow, "who is being introduced to the younger Hollywood film set"
54 close personal friend and actress Charlotte Austin introduces her to musician and songwriter Johnny Anz. The four of them - Gloria, Lance, Charlotte and Johnny - spend much time together, but clearly there is something budding between Gloria and the significantly older Anz.
c. Early 55 is lent to Howard Hughes by 20th Century-Fox for the starring role in Skin Divers. She does underwater scenes off Florida for months.
June 55 graduates from University High School
55   elopes and marries Johnny Anz. Her father and Fox are furious. She subsequently retires from acting, and they move to New York to start a new life and to raise a family.
4 January 60   her father dies in Los Angeles, California
February 64   she and Johnny return to Los Angeles to adopt a child; they name him John.
22 August 71   husband Johnny Anz dies at age 56 in Sands Point, New York
17 June 72   marries her friend Richard Daniels
Late 74   her marriage ends in an amicable divorce. She and Dick remain close friends.
Late 70s   returns to acting in New York City doing primarily commercial and print advertising work
87   stops acting for the last time and moves to Alexandria, Virginia. Obtains a Realtor’s license and begins a career in real estate.
23 December 96  dies at age 59 in Alexandria, Virginia
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