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(Regina Ruth Jane Hampton)
25 April 31 is born in Throop, Pennsylvania, of Spanish-Irish extraction. Her father will become a police sergeant.
c. 33 wins her first beauty title at age one
? moves to Merchantville, New Jersey
49 graduates from Merchantville High School
? studies ballet
? is a ballerina with the Philadelphia Civic Ballet
52 is crowned "Miss New Jersey"
? works as a Conover model in New York
September 52 is a semi-finalist in the "Miss USA" pageant
March 53 has won a total of 40 beauty titles since infancy
is crowned "America's Typical Farmer's Daughter" by the Midwestern Agricultural League
15 July 53 crowns 18-year-old Myrna Rae Hansen of Chicago "Miss United States" in Long Beach, California
September 53 is still unattached after nine months in Tinseltown, even in Hollywood's gossip columns
December 53 is seen with television singer Byron Palmer, who nevertheless plays the femme field. Palmer is the son of Judge Harlan Palmer, publisher of the Hollywood Citizen-News.
54 poses poolside with Universal-International starlets Allison Hayes and Karen Kadler
January 54 flies East with Palmer when her mother is stricken ill
March 54 is in Inside U-I, the annual stage show to show off new talent
July 54 wins her 100th title when crowned "National Sports Car Queen" in Hollywood
August 54 is seen at the Mocambo with Byron Palmer
14 September 54 announces she will marry Palmer within the next two months
17 October 54 marries Palmer at the home of the groom's parents at 926 N. Orlando Avenue, Hollywood. She says she will retire from the screen.
October 54 the Palmers temporarily postpone their honeymoon due to Palmer's current TV commitments
December 54 is seen at Larry Finlay's with her husband
? retires from the screen to become a housewife
Sumnmer 55 is a picture of contentment and bliss when out with young actor Byron Palmer. The Palmers await the stork for a happy welcome soon.
16 August 55 her son Byron Hunkins is born in Los Angeles. He will die at age 44 in June 2000 in California.
6 August 59 her son Gregory Hampton is born in Los Angeles
November 66 divorces Palmer in Los Angeles. He will marry starlet and television actress Georgine Darcy in 1974.
25 April 78 marries Randall A. Wood in Los Angeles. He's 48; she's 45.
99 moves to Kansas
? resides in Shawnee Mission, Kansas
25 August 05 as Rene H. Clary, she dies at age 74 in Merriam, Kansas
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