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23 December 31 is born in Brooklyn, New York, of Irish descent
? works as a model and is in the chorus of the Copacabana nightclub in New York
? is the winner of a number of beauty contests
July 55 goes for Jimmy Dean on a CBS-television show
December 56 is steadily dating young actor Richard Egan
June 57 attends the Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison premiere at Romanoff's with Richard Egan and Bob Wagner and Natalie Wood
October 57 is close to marriage with Dick Egan
7 June 58 marries Richard Egan
November 58 attends a party hosted by Mike Connolly for Mrs. and Mr. Gene Nelson, with husband Richard Egan
honeymooning with Dick Egan, she attends a premiere before going on Colorado location for his film, These Thousand Hills
28 December 59 her daughter Patricia M. is born in Los Angeles
64 expects her second child from Egan after a series of heart-breaking miscarriages
31 October 64 her daughter Kathleen M. is born in Los Angeles
9 May 66 her daughter Coleen M. is born in Los Angeles
13 March 69 her son, Richard A., is born in Los Angeles
18 October 74 her daughter Maureen M. is born in Los Angeles
20 July 87 becomes the widow of Egan, who dies at age 65 in Los Angeles
87 her son and youngest daughter are in the music and film industries
20 August 11 dies at age 79 in Brentwood, Los Angeles
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