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18 March 35 is born in Melrose, Massachusetts / Upper Black Eddie, Pennsylvania, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Hellen
? takes piano lessons at the Philadelphia Conservatory of Music
November 53 goes to New York with $200 that she saved by working as a waitress in a diner
? studies modeling and is signed by the Conover Agency
? her first modeling job is to wear a fluffy yellow evening gown in the New York Thanksgiving parade
May 54 NBC officials spot her at Conover and pick her as "Miss Color TV of NBC"
November 54 20th Century-Fox signs her for Daddy Long Legs and A Man Called Peter
December 54 as a 19-year-old starlet, she tells the judge who has to approve her movie contract that she would be unable to save anything out of her $12,000-a-year salary. She explains it will cost from $3,000 to $5,000 for permanent caps on her teeth, and the rest will go for living expenses. Her contract is approved, and it is believed to be the first of an underage player without a provision for savings.
February 55 attends Johnny Ray's opening at Ciro's with Alex D'Arcy
July 55 dates young actor Barry Coe
will reign as queen of the 1955 California Ceramic Hobby Show held at the Long Beach Auditorium, August 3-7
27 December 55 she and singer Eric "Ric" Marlow announce that they will wed in Hollywood on December 30. Marlow's the son of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Schafter of Hewlett, Long Island, New York.
c. 55 marries Marlow
59 is interviewed for the part of Princess Trirene in Beyond the Time Barrier, but loses to Darlene Tompkins
June 59 is chosen from 50 aspirants for the sexy part of Daisy Mae in the upcoming L'il Abner
? when cast by the producers of Li'l Abner, Melvin Frank and Norman Panama, she follows their suggestion to change her name to Leslie Parrish
10 May 61 is granted a default divorce in Los Angeles from Marlow after five years of marriage. She charged him with cruelty and explains he resented the fact that she was working - but demanded all the luxuries her earnings would buy.
March 63 will spend six months in Yugoslavia, where she'll co-star with Richard Widmark in The Long Ships
? becomes a member of the Holmes Repertory Company, a group of working actors who band together nights to improve their acting and present plays at a local theater
65 / 73 meets airplane pilot-turned-writer Richard David Bach during the making of Jonathan Livingston Seagull, which is based on his book
June 67 is among the protesters when President Lyndon B. Johnson goes to Los Angeles. She's one of those who get clubbed when police are ordered to disperse the demonstrators, who have a permit to march and are told by the police they have to keep moving.
February 68 attends the Third Annual Peace Art Awards Auction in Beverly Hills. Polly Bergen presents the awards, and celebrities present are Leslie and Barry Sullivan.
? becomes a delegate for George McGovern, senator and Democratic presidential candidate
July 71 is honorary hostess at the third annual garden party, sponsored by the San Fernando Valley Chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California. Master of ceremonies is actor John Forsythe.
June 73 is a member of a blue ribbon citizens committee making recommendations for the new administration of Los Angeles Mayor-elect Tom Bradley
77 / 81 marries Bach
84 she and Bach write The Bridge Across Forever
94 lives with Bach on an island off the Oregon coast
97 divorces Bach
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