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(Anne I. Helm)
12 September 38 is born in Toronto, Canada, to banker John F. Helm and his wife Isabel
? is raised in St. Marguerite
c. 41 her brother, Peter, is born
? begins studying with the Canadian National Ballet in Toronto
? her father dies
12 January 52 her half-brother, David, is born in Toronto, Canada. He will become actor David Francis de Eyre.
c. 52 moves with her mother and two brothers to New York City. There she enrolls at the Metropolitan Opera Ballet School.
? becomes a John Robert Powers model
? is New York’s top teen-wear model
c. 53 is a chorus girl in a Bob Crosby summer show touring state fairs
c. 54 is a Copa girl, although legally underage at 16
5 July 56 places third at the "Miss New York State" pageant held at the Palladium Amusement Park, Fort Lee, New Jersey. 18-year-old Kay Douglas is the winner; Carole Kregg places second.
? is supposed to grace the cover of Life, but is bumped off when a disaster strikes
7 November 57 is in the opening of Clerambard, starring Claude Dauphin, at the Rooftop Theater
14 February 58 is on Broadway in Cloud Seven opposite Martha Scott, Ralph Meeker, and John McGiver
Summer 58 is discovered for Hollywood with the "Shirley Temple's Storybook" segment "The Sleeping Beauty"
September 58 she and Paul Martin are cast for Broadway's upcoming The Power of Darkness
19 November 58 opens in Edwin Booth, starring Jose Ferrer, at the Forty-sixth Street Theater
29 September 59 is in the opening of Tolstoy's The Power of Darkness at the York Playhouse
c. 60 is in the pilot of "My Sister Eileen" but manages to extract herself from the show
September 60 she and her 19-year-old brother Peter are reported inheriting an unexpected $1,000,000. The fortune is left to them in the will of their grandfather, the late Walter J. Helm, a Canadian banker. Later she'll say: "The story was quite garbled. My grandfather died leaving a sizeable estate to my father. The implication was that the money would go directly to me, which isn't true. It was just a good headline - 'TV actress becomes heiress'."
62 while filming Follow That Dream, she stays at Elvis Presley’s Los Angeles home for a few days
will have only fond memories of her director in The Magic Sword, Bert I. Gordon
often dates her co-star in The Magic Sword, Gary Lockwood. They are often joined by actress Tuesday Weld.
dates her co-star in The Couch, Grant Williams
64 loses her role in Strait-Jacket when star Joan Crawford decides she wants her friend Diane Baker to play Helm’s part. Anne takes it very personally.
? marries writer John Sherlock
27 April 66 her son, Peter J., is born in California. He will become a second-unit director.
November 68 replaces Kathryn Hays, who falls off a horse while shooting a scene for "The FBI"
October 68 divorces Sherlock in Los Angeles
11 May 72 marries actor Robert Viharo. He's 29; she's 33.
7 August 73 her daughter, Serena L., is born in Los Angeles. She will become an actress-model.
? lives in Topanga, California
? works as a teacher with an afternoon school program in Santa Monica, California
79 divorces Viharo
September 98 she and former Elvis co-stars Cynthia Pepper, Deborah Walley, and Suzanna Leigh take part in a fashion preview held in a Memphis, Tennessee, boutique
99 her mailing address is P.O. Box 3131, South Pasadena, CA 91031
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