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(Maureen N. Hingert)
9 January 37 is born in Columbo, Ceylon, of Dutch ancestry, the daughter of Lionel Hingert and Lorna Mabel de Run. Her father is president of the Bank of Ceylon and has extensive tea holdings.
c. 42 enters the Holy Family Convent in Bambalapitiya, Colombo, and stays there until she is 18
? studies languages, world history, and nursing. She speaks English, French, Spanish, Hindustani, and Tamil.
? stars in a Ceylonese movie, Ram Gopal
c. 54 is in Veit Harlan's Sterne ueber Colombo, a.k.a. Circus Girl, a German picture filmed in Ceylon
wins the role of a solo dance in Elephant Walk, performed on location in Kandy, Sri Lanka
25 June 55 is crowned “Miss Ceylon” in Colombo, Ceylon
22 July 55 is heralded a favorite for the world beauty crown together with “Miss Sweden,” “Miss USA,” “Miss England,” and “Miss El Salvador”
becomes second runner-up to Hillevi Rombin, “Miss Sweden,” in the "Miss Universe" contest held in Long Beach, California
July 55 says: “I drink no alcoholic beverages and smoke no cigarettes.”
the judges call her “one of the most beautiful Oriental entrants we have ever had”
October 55 is heralded to make her screen debut playing an American Indian in Universal-International’s Pillars of the Sky
is signed by 20th Century-Fox for their upcoming The King and I
26 October 55 accompanies Ceylon's ambassador C. E. L. Wickremesinghe to a formal luncheon at the Wilton Hotel. There they dine with Mayor George Vermillion and Oscar Meinhardt, executive director of the "Miss Universe" beauty pageant.
21 January 56 she and fellow beauty queen Hillevi Rombin attend a dinner date at the Long Beach Municipal Auditorium honoring Humberto Valenzuela, retired Chilean bank president and head of several large industries
April 56 Jon Hall is reported paging her to play the jungle queen in his "Ramar of the Jungle" TV series
lives at the well-chaperoned Hollywood Studio Club and will study at UCLA
? performs classic Indian dances in Los Angeles
56 tours Europe and the Middle East
56 - 57 stars opposite Maxwell Reed as Anura, a beautiful South Seas native girl, in the British TV series “Captain David Grief.” The series is shot on location in Mexico.
October 57 is pictured attending an installation banquet for Miss Universe Beauty Pageant officers at the Lafayette Hotel
Early April 58 announces plans to marry Mario Armand Zamparelli, a Montrose artist, on June 4
April 58 will start rehearsals in September for a New York stage production, Father India
58 marries Zamparelli. He's 31; she's 21.
films Fort Bowie on location at the Kanab Movie Fort at Kanab, Utah
? her daughter Regina N. is born in Los Angeles. She will become renown Los Angeles concert promoter Gina Zamparelli.
? her daughter Marisa N. is born in Los Angeles
? her third daughter is born in Los Angeles
July 70 divorces Zamparelli in Los Angeles
26 March 76 marries William J. Ballard in Los Angeles
07 resides in the Los Angeles area
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