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(Elizabeth Margaret von Gerkan)
14 November 28 is born in Hollywood, California. Her uncle is famous playwright F. Hugh Herbert.
22 August 34 her brother, Richard Henry Alan, is born in Los Angeles
? goes to Fairfax High and the Los Angeles City College
? is in the play Night over Taos
48 is signed by Fox to a seven-year contract, earning $4,000 the first year
December 51 is seen at the Band Box with Nick Sevano
52 is dropped by Fox but gets a seven-year contract with Universal-International
Early 50s is chased by a Hungarian director around his office with a vibrator. He's shouting "Oy! Oy! Oy!"
a director at Paramount invites her to his office and comes into her hand. She ends up working with him.
January 52 is heralded the winner of this year's first screen contract. Universal-International signed her after a talent scout in the audience spotted her on a radio program.
lives with her mother
February 52 is heralded being "ducky blond," because "she shampoos her tresses with duck eggs." A daily duck egg shampoo, she says, does the trick. The egg is provided by her pet duck, who lays one egg every day as a labor of love for her.
May 52 is a new two-about-town with Dan Dailey
53 producer Sam Spiegel wants her for the Eva Maria Saint part in his upcoming On the Waterfront, but she has to decline because she is filming Dawn at Socorro for Universal. Later there will be rumors that she may have had an affair with producer William Alland.
necks with Edward G. Robinson, the best kisser in Hollywood, behind the scenes of The Glass Web
January 53 is heralded campaign manager for fellow actor Rock Hudson as he campaigns for mayor of Universal City, home of Universal-International film studios
May 53 offers to date the first Communist pilot who brings a MIG to the United Nations side in Korea. She says a filmtown dinner date and an evening of fun with her are "the added incentive" to General Mark Clark's offer of $100,000 and claims she's "just being patriotic."
June 53 singer Vic Damone asks her to be his date when he opens July 15 at the El Rancho in Las Vegas. She'll be there if she finishes The Glass Web.
August 53 she and actor Lance Fuller are a new romance. They are at the Sportsmen's Lodge.
is seen at the Mocambo with Lance Fuller
Mid-August 53 columnist Walter Winchell reports that Vic Damone is crooning to her
25 August 53 is the squire of ex-Corporal Vic Damone at his big welcome back party at the Mocambo
End August 53 is with Lance Fuller at the Plymouth House
September 53 attends the homecoming party thrown by Mallov Bellon for Ruth Lewis. The girls come alone and so do the fellows. Ruth winds up with Claude Dauphin, Ilse Bey is a big attraction for John Fontaine, and Kathleen talks all evening to Hal Hayes. Liz Scott and Andre De Toth have the fight of the evening.
is among Hollywood’s new deb stars introduced at a splashy party tossed by the Hollywood hair stylists and make-up experts. The others are Barbara Darrow, Elaine Stewart, Marilyn Novak, Pat Crowley, Ann Francis, Joan Weldon, Marjie Millar, Doe Avedon, Sara Shane, and TV actresses Joan O'Brian and Dona Cole.
gets up from bed and dresses to go to Larry Finlay's and help Vic Damone celebrate the finish of his Mocambo stint
November 53 is escorted to a gala premiere by Charles FitzSimons
is named "First 3D Cheesecake Girl" by Hollywood press correspondents
December 53 columnist Walter Winchell reports that Groucho Marx "is flipping his eyebrows at starlet Kathleen Hughes"
End 53 is named "Miss Cheesecake of 1953" by the Army newspaper Stars and Stripes in Darmstadt, Germany. "She is 5 feet 8, weighs 125 pounds and has a 38-inch bust, 36 1/2-inch hips and 24 1/ inch waist."
January 54 she and Bob Calhoun are a new twosome applauding Arthur Blake at the Bar of Music
travels to New York for two weeks to see shows
Early February 54 says her escort, Bertil Unger, isn't to blame for the fracas at the Foreign Correspondent’s Golden Globes Awards dinner. "The other man attacked him," she insists.
February 54 attends Terry Moore and Susan Zanuck's welcome-back party at Ciro's. Golfer Al Besselink takes Kathleen home and then goes back and shows plenty of interest in Ciro's press agent Jim Byron's date, Joan Blair.
March 54 is back in New York and around with boyfriend Jack Tallan
tries to use Susan Cabot's room at the Barbizon Plaza in New York without registering. She "gets trapped by the house dick, who doesn't let her beauty interfere with duty and makes her register."
meets Universal-International producer Stanley Rubin at a party
July 54 is out with Robert Wagner
columnist Walter Winchell reports that "Kathleen Hughes likes Lance Fuller (but don't all the babes?)"
? columnist Harrison Carroll reports how Universal-International producer Stanley Rubin proposed to her: "Rubin took her out for a drive, presumably house hunting for himself. When they found one both liked, Stanley asked: 'How would you like to live here as Mrs. Stanley Rubin?'" Her engagement ring is a huge emerald surrounded by diamonds.
25 July 54 marries Rubin in a civil ceremony at the home of her uncle, F. Hugh Herbert. The ceremony is performed by Superior Judge Stanley Mosk. Rubin's 36; she's 25. They postpone their honeymoon until Rubin recovers from an ear infection.
August 54 columnist Walter Winchell reports that Georgie Jessel's heart broken over her marriage to Rubin
55 hates her director on Cult of the Cobra, Francis D. Lyon, and he hates her
December 55 she and Rubin expect their baby near their second wedding anniversary, July 25. She will continue her career until March.
January 56 will keep her baby date via the natural child birth method
4 June 56 her son John Michael is born in Los Angeles
21 October 58 her son Christoph H. is born in Los Angeles
28 May 64 her daughter, Angela R., is born in Los Angeles
20 June 66 her son Michael E. is born in Los Angeles
June 67 her 11-year-old son John Michael has a part on TV's "Peyton Place"
80 does a scene, almost nude, for The Big Brawl
87 is with Jack Nicholson in Ironweed, but her scenes end up on the cutting floor
88 is cutted out of The Couch Trip, too
24 September 00 attends the Jivin’ Jacks And Jills Universal Reunion party in Studio City, California, along with Jane Adams, Susanna Foster, Peggy Moran, Mary Ellen Kay, Kristine Miller, Mala Powers, and Donna Martell, among others
Labor Day 02 attends Cinecon 38, held at Hollywood’s Renaissance Hotel, together with her husband of 48 years, Stanley Rubin
September 03 attends Cinecon 39 in Los Angeles with husband Rubin
January 04 attends the 13th Annual Hollywood Collectors Show at Beverly Garland's Holiday Inn in North Hollywood
June 07 appears at the Palm Springs Film Noir festival with husband Stanley Rubin
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