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(Frances Makris)
18 May 37 is born in San Jose, California
sings in San Francisco clubs at age 17
? performs at the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas
October 58 / 59 marries singer-actor Dick Haymes, Rita Hayworth’s ex. He’s approximately 20 years her senior. They also team up professionally.
? has a nightclub act with her husband
59 her daughter, Stephanie, is born
61 splits with Haymes, privately and professionally
61 performs at Manhattan's Rainbow Grill, The Plaza, the Waldorf-Astoria, the Copacabana, and at San Francisco's Fairmont Hotel
? releases her album “Fran Can Hang You Up the Most”
c. 64 releases her album “Fran Sings Sex and the Single Girl"
64 / January 65 divorces Haymes
? releases her album “This Is Fran Jeffries”
65 marries director Richard Quine, the ex of ill-fated actress Susan Peters. He’s approximately 20 years her senior.
June 69 divorces Quine. He will commit suicide in 1989.
Late 60s tours Europe together with Sammy Davis, Jr.
tours Southeast Asia with Bob Hope
February 71 does a nude layout for Playboy
16 March 71 marries Steven Schaeffer in Los Angeles. He's 26; she's 33.
September 73 divorces Schaeffer in Los Angeles
70s stars with Dick Shawn in his Great American Dream show at Lake Tahoe
September 82 does a nude layout for Playboy again, at age 45
October 00 releases her album “All the Love”
15 December 16 dies at age 79 at her home in Los Angeles of multiple myeloma
Swingin' Chicks of the '60s by Chris Stodder, Kirk Crivello, Made in Heaven by Victoria Houseman, Movie Stars of the '40s by David Ragan
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The Encyclopedia of Sixties Cool by Chris Strodder