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(Carolyn Sue Baker)
28 April 30 is born in Amarillo, Texas, of Comanche ancestry
19 August 50 marries Donald G. Donaldson
51 divorces Donaldson
10 April 53 marries TV writer Aaron Spelling
November 58 forces the Mirish Brothers to quit advertising Man in the Net by showing a nude portrait of her that isn't a painting of her at all
October 60 is a chain smoker since she was eleven
64 her marriage to Aaron Spelling could be in trouble
6 August 65 divorces Spelling. Her corroborating witness in court is her longtime pal June Allyson.
October 65 is on the cover of TV Guide
February 66 she and finance agent Bud Moss announce their engagement
19 December 68 marries second unit director Herbert S. Greene in Los Angeles. He's 47; she's 35.
April 77 divorces Greene in Los Angeles
March 81 is diagnosed with colon cancer. Surgeons remove two thirds of her colon, and she tells friends that she is having treatments for ulcers.
82 the cancer returns and spreads quickly
July 82 marries actor Peter Bailey-Britton. Actors Jim Backus, June Allyson, Sally Struthers, and Red Buttons attend.
Summer 82 falls into a coma
3 August 83 as Carolyn Sue Jones, she dies at age 53 in her home on Norma Place in West Hollywood, California, from cancer. Her husband survives.
is interred at Melrose Abbey cemetary in Anaheim, California, North Patio, 44 gg
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