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(Alice Amanda Kelley)
14 May 32 is born in Springfield, Missouri, one of five children of Lewis Kelley, a minister of the Christian Church, who goes to work for Lockheed Aircraft, and his wife, Florence Carson
39 moves with her family to 2029 Pepper Street, Burbank, California, and later attends Burbank High School
? begins to model
48 is crowned “Miss Junior America”
? is discovered by a talent scout, who is first attracted by her unusually deep and sparkling dimples
c. 52 is awarded a long-term contract by Warner Brothers
16 September 53 marries Kenneth True Norris, Jr., a lieutenant in the U.S. Air Force Reserve, at the Westminster Presbyterian Church in Pasadena, California. He will inherit Norris Industries from his father and become a well-known philanthropist in the Los Angeles area, where his family trust contributes more than $70 million to various charities and institutions. He's 23; she's 21.
55 her first son, Bradley Kenneth, is born
8 August 58 her second son, Daley Corey, is born in Los Angeles
June 61 she and her husband celebrate her birthday by dining at Pucci’s Encino restaurant. The Norrises reside in Reseda.
February 73 divorces Norris, Jr., in Los Angeles. He will die at age 66 in 1996 in a boating accident in Lake Arrowhead, California.
? as Alice A. Norris, she resides in Pasadena, California
27 June 12 dies at age 80
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