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(June Claire Kenney)
6 July 33 is born in Boston, Massachusetts
c. 37 her mother starts her in dancing, ballet and tap
c. 49 moves with her parents to California when her father is transferred to the Long Beach Naval Shipyard
? the?Kenneys settle in Gardena, California
? moves with her parents to West?Hollywood
? attends the Meglin School of Dance in?California
51 / 52 attends Hollywood Professional School and works as an usherette at Grauman’s Chinese Theater
Early 50s performs in plays around Hollywood
? is spotted by Walter Kohner and signs with the Paul Kohner agency. Walter Kohner becomes her agent.
? is in TV commercials for?Coppertone, Vaseline hair tonic and Austin Healy
? is scheduled for TV series “My Sister and I” opposite Adele Mara, but the sponsor eventually decides not to do the show
57 when actress Abby Dalton’s sister falls off her horse and is knocked unconscious on the first day of location shooting for The Saga of the Viking Women and their Voyage to the Waters of the Great Sea Serpent, June gets the part
c. 62 / 63 dates Gene?Kelly’s make-up man Anthony Lloyd
c. 63 starts working for Los Angeles radio station KLAC handling the commercials
8 March 70 marries Lee A. Sebastian in Los Angeles. He’s 49; she’s 36.
? she and her husband maintain a ranch with horses
92 sells her house at 7425 Torrey Pines Drive, Lone Mountain, Nevada?89131
3 June 98 becomes the widow of Sebastian, who dies at age 77 in Las Vegas
09 does an interview with author Paul Parla
works for a local radio station in Nevada
10 as June C. Sebastian, she resides in Pahrump, Nevada
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