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(Necla Batir)
7 March 32 is born in Romania
Early 52 dances at the Casino de Paris and the Ringside Club
? recovers from a torrid idyll with wrestler-turned-actor Richard Collins
? has an affair with muscle-man Gerrard Brix, one of the Brix Brothers, who appears on the same bill with her at the Casino
? becomes famous as “The Exquisite Turkish Delight”
c. 53 dances at the Latin Quarter in New York for Lou Walters. He has a rule that all his female performers, whether star dancer or chorine, have to wear pasties.
September 53 is reported having "left a trail of broken hearts from Istanbul to the Bronx, with way stops in Paris, Miami, and Las Vegas"
c. 7 September 53 meets Texas oil heir Sheppard William King III. He's 28; she's 21. The son of fabulously wealthy Mrs. Bonner King of Houston, King is a one-time Marine, who fought on Guadalcanal. He became a Moslem and changed his name to Abdullah Bey when he wed Egyptian belly dancer Samia Gamal, his second wife, in 1951 in Cairo.
10 September 53 in New York City King announces that his romance and marriage to Egyptian belly dancer Samia Gamal, is "all off" and that he will marry Nejla. He already gave her a three-and-a-half karat square-cut diamond ring and mink coat as a token of his esteem. In Cairo, Samia wishes King well in his new romance but is "burning with anger" over reports that King is auctioning off her harem dancing costumes in Texas.
Mid-September 53 columnist Walter Winchell reports: "What's the odds on a re-run of the Joe E. Lewis-Nejla Ates romance when he opens at the Copa on September 24? Lou Walters is holding over the Turkish tummy-tosser at the Latin Quarter long enough to make it possible - not because he's Cupid but because she's the most sensational show stopper he ever had..."
Winchell knows: "Sheppard King of Texas, who switched from Samia Gamal to Nejla Ates (another torso-tosser at the Latin Q.), was reported broke. He carries $30,000 in Travelers Checks..."
Early October 53 King says he wants to marry her at the United Nations, where there is a mosque and a sheik
Mid-October 53 King is reported to have switched to 19-year-old stripper Lily Lamont. "Nejla's real beau is a rich textile manufacturer, anyhow..."
17 October 53 breaks her engagement to King after five weeks when he announces in Washington D.C. his engagement to 19-year-old Helen Fiske Smith, "Miss Washington of 1953." King says his ex-fiancée was temperamental and had difficulty remembering his name. Nejla says through her manager, Mrs. Helen Franklin, that their engagement blew up because of King's "silly" behavior. She couldn't stand seeing him hauling his girlfriends around in her sea-green Buick convertible and plunk them down in the front rows in the nearby Maryland nightclub where she plays, advertised as "The exquisite Turkish delight introduced by Sheppard King." Her new interest is Steven Cochran, whom she dazzled in her Washington D. C., nightclub act.
November 53 she and Monique Van Vooren are Steve Cochran's dates in Manhattan
does sensational business at the Thunderbird in Las Vegas
December 53 she and singer Billy Daniels are heralded the hottest of the Las Vegas combinations
she and King battle with lawyers over some papers Sheppard says are signed
poses in the Nevada desert at Las Vegas. "A reported tangle with Texas oil heir Shep King doesn't seem to give her any unhappiness, either."
March 54 says her boyfriend, actor George Sanders, phoned her that he started divorce action against Zsa Zsa Gabor
4 November 54 debuts with Fanny on Broadway. Her co-stars are Enzio Piza and Walter Slezak. Broadway showman David Merrick orders a sculptor to create a life-size nude statue of her and has it installed in Poet’s Corner in Central Park late at night for publicity purposes
November 54 Prince Aly Khan is reported sending flowers to Mae Ree Autry at Madison Avenue Hospital and to Nejla at La Martinique
December 54 columnist Earl Wilson reports that she will leave Fanny for Hollywood
January 55 she and singer Bob Sweeneys are a Major's Cabin Steakery duo
Late January 55 Wilson reports "A chorus boy in Fanny says he's taking wiggler Nejla Ates home to Columbus to meet his folks..."
February 55 Winchell knows "that overgrown Caddy outside the Fanny stage door is for hip-grinder Nejla Ates. The owner is a Philly industrialist, who gave her a mink coat..."
is sued by King for some $2,000 "or so for some reason or other. She still refers to their onetime romance as a publicity stunt." King will divorce his third wife, Mona, in 1960, marry Edith Cook in 1970, and die at age 86 in 2002 in Madrid, Spain.
is engaged to Jimmy Dell of the hilarious Goofers act
April 55 a Florida sportsman names his horse Belly Ates for her
June 55 her stage door Johnny at Fanny is singer Johnny Alden
has a violent feud with Rose La Rose, who claims that Nejla's writhings in Fanny are the same one she employed in burlesque in New York a couple of seasons ago
July 55 her mother is reported due in New York from Turkey for a visit
August 55 is Gary Crosby's frequent date in Las Vegas
Mid-November 55 she and Jimmy Dell of the Goofers are expected to marry before the New Year
Early December 55 will marry Dell on her birthday, March 7
January 56 sits with Dell at the airport for two hours while he stops on his Paris-to-Las Vegas flight
February 56 Wilson reports that she wiggled her way to featured billing in Fanny
May 56 columnist Dorothy Kilgallen writes "Nejla Ates and Alan Dale, at the Concord, convinced observers that if Nejla is engaged to another fellow, Turkish engagements must be pretty informal"
busts up with Jimmy Dell but keeps the ring. "She also has one from Shep King of Texas. 'Shep's was bigger,' she says: "he had five cars; Jimmy only has three.'"
June 56 is reported merely dining at Chandlers with showman H. Prince
the Indonesian Embassy tries to kill a newspaper photo of her with visiting President Sukarno
July 56 opens at the Washington Casino Royale. Saudi-Arabian Prince Faisal Hegelan is the most enthusiastic ringsider. "Between shows Nej and Princie just sat staring at each other with far away looks in their eyes. They musta reminded each other of home, at that."
is at the Spindletop with her new protegé, Farok Aulpkurt, famed Turkish caricaturist
August 56 parlays her Ciro's engagement into four weeks
is a Coast duo with Gary Crosby
Mid-August 56 opens at Ciro's
September 56 Wilson reports that Don Barry phoned her. "Actually Nejla's found Steve Crane and Gary Crosby attentive. And a man from Washington D.C. sends her flowers regularly."
November 56 her ex-fiancé, Jimmy Dell, marries showgirl Gloria Freeman
August 56 Wilson writes that "singer Alen Dale's off-stage crooning is to belly dancer Nejla Ates..."
March 57 is in Pittsburgh with Fanny but pining to work in Paris for more loot. "But she's a draw on the road - and she has a contract..."
September 57 columnist Harrison Carroll reports: "Turkish dancer Nejla Ates confirmed at Ciro's that she's in love again - with 26-year-old Curtis Nolen of Wichita Falls, Texas, whom she says is an oil heir. The petite dancer says she may open at Ciro's for H. D. Hoover."
October 57 her current passion is Curtis Nolen, Texas millionaire, "who owns four Cadillacs." He's 26; she's 26.
November 57 producer George Abbott eyes her for a Broadway show
January 58 Winchell writes that Nolen "really adores her and wants to give her the respectability of meddidge..."
August 58 is out of circulation due to a bad cold. "When she recovers she'll add her bare midriff to the Vegas parade at El Rancho..."
Early February 59 meets Ted Jordan, estranged husband of stripper Lili St. Cyr
Late February 59 Jordan is expected to fly down to Mexico to marry her when Lili picks up that Reno divorce. Columnist Harrison Carroll reports that romance is blooming, however, when they give him a call from the Bantam Cock restaurant. Jordayn says: "Nejla is going to Mexico City for a dancing engagement. I plan to fly down to see her. Don't be surprised if we got married."
July 59 Wilson tells that friends are inquiring about her, who failed to show up for a job in Mexico City
August 59 is back in New York after a South American tour
October 60 will figure in the divorce case tossed by stripper Hope Diamond against her husband, crooner Bobby Colt. "This should be one for the lighter newspaper pages..."
November 60 Winchell thinks she "and Colt threaten to wed"
19 December 60 begins her first hotel engagement in Miami Beach at the Seville
5 April 61 Hope Diamond wins a legal separation from her husband in New York on grounds that he deserted her for Nejla. Hope Diamond and Bobby Colt have a one-year-old son.
13 May 61 is rushed to Grand Central Hospital in New York City after taking an overdose of tranquilizers and aspirin. The police are called to her apartment at 140 East 56th Street by singer Bobby Colt. Colt says she took an overdose after they quarreled because he wanted to read and she wanted to talk. Her condition is reported fair. Afterwards, she'll say: "I'm fed up with life... with love... with everything."
January 62 is reported recuperating after straining some muscles doing the twist
February 62 she and Colt are reported having broken their three-year engagement
September 62 Wilson reports her visiting her boyfriend Colt in the hospital
c. early January 63 marries producer Francis Elwood Semone. They celebrate at the Rembrandt Room at the Stanhope. He's 48; she's about 30.
11 March 64 Wilson tells that she "divorced a business chap and is recirculating..." Semone will die at age 65 in 1979 in Sacramento.
September 64 her ex-sweetheart Colt is reported "managing her (platonically)..."
Early April 65 is hospitalized in New York with a slipped disc. Singer Billy Daniels and Nai Bonet visit her at the hospital.
Mid-April 65 out of the hospital, she is noted ringsiding at the Taft to cheer the Billy Daniels and Nai Bonet show. She has a big medical collar around her neck.
10 October 65 suffering from an apparent overdose of barbiturates, she is found unconscious in her apartment and taken to Bellevue Hospital, New York, where she falls into a coma and is listed in critical condition. It is the second time in four years that she is hospitalized because of an overdose of pills. Friends say she was despondent because she could not get regular work.
End October 65 Winchell tells that she "was generous with her money when she first clicked big here. Many wealthy males wooed her, but she usually preferred handsome youngsters, who let her pick up the big tabs. Now where are they when she needs help?"
November 65 flies off to Turkey on the same plane as Billy Graham, who compliments her on her beauty. "Neijla thanks to donations after her illness, and had $500 worth of excess baggage - which she whittled to $196."
April 66 Winchell tells that "pals over here are happy about Nejla Ates' triumphs in her native Istanbul. Last year the many heartaches almost killed her."
? during rehearsal for her show, she meets Özer Baysaling, a law school student, who also works as an acrobat at the Casablanca nightclub in Istanbul. He’s 23; she’s 37.
? declares her love for Baysaling during a tour to Konya, Central Anatolia
? she and Baysaling reside in a single-room shack without a window in an Istanbul suburb. Nejla has two Pekingese dogs, gifts from Jeff Chandler.
? attempts suicide again
? marries Baysaling in Turkey
October 73 Wilson reports her being a 200-pound blonde, hiding in Istanbul, depressed over an unhappy marriage and a new romance that can't work because she's evidently still married. "She sent an appeal via Joey Adams to the husband believed to be living in America, to 'Please release me.'"
? she and Baysaling visit the States on an invitation by Arnold Schwarzenegger
? develops liver cancer
Early April 05 dies at age 73 at an Istanbul, Turkey, hospital
? is buried in a cemetery facing the Bosporus
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