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Sylva Koscina
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22 August 33 is born in Zagreb, Yugoslavia, later to become Croatia
c. 45 moves with her family to Italy at age 12
enrolls as a physics major at the University of Naples
goes to Rome and begins modeling
54 is “Miss Di Tappa” and discovered when exchanging a kiss with the winner of the Giro d’Italia, a Rome-to-Naples bicycle race. The resulting picture of the moment is published in newspapers all over Europe and leads to her being offered a job as a model.
56 director Pietro Germi sees her in the newspaper and casts her for his The Railroad Man
signs a contract with producer Carlo Ponti
c. 58 feels abandoned and alone when Ponti and his wife, actress Sophia Loren, leave for Hollywood
63 her co-star in Il Fornaretto di Venzia, German Fred Williams, will remember her as a pretty hysterical partner. She always has her lover with her and chases him around a lot for her handbag.
67 marries Italian Raimondo Castelli, a producer with Minerva Films
May 67 is featured in Playboy
March 69 has a brawl with co-star Laurence Harvey while filming Kampf um Rom. The actor punches her in the jaw so hard that the shot has to be halted.
69 is back in Yugoslavia for the filming of The Battle of Neretva
Late 60s escapes death when the caretaker at her Italian villa goes berserk and shoots three people to death while she’s filming in South Africa
72 some scenes of her lovemaking to Gabriele Tinti in Lisa and the Devil have to be cut because they are considered pornographic
June 75 is on the cover of and featured in the Italian Playboy
26 December 94 dies at age 61 in Rome, Italy, after a long battle with cancer
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