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(Jewell Jean Lain)
9 August c. 28 is born in Indianapolis, Indiana, to William M. Lain and Thelma Jewell; she’s the eldest of four children
30 is raised in Anderson / Madison, Indiana
? begins modeling at age 4 in a bridal fashion show
? studies ballet for seven years
48 attends Shortridge High School, Indianapolis
? enlists with the Harry Conover modeling agency in New York
? auditions for the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York and is accepted
? is on the New York stage opposite Steve McQueen and Grant Williams
August 53 a regular on the CBS radio show “Playhouse on Broadway"
? falls in love with Charles Martin, director of radio’s “Phillip Morris Playhouse”
14 January 55 scheduled for a part in the upcoming “Judge Roy Bean” TV series, she arrives in Hollywood. The part ends up going to Jackie Loughery.
15 January 55 is among the celebrities gracing the March of Dimes parade in Lakewood, California; the others are Margaret Whiting, Marie Windsor, Jeri Southern, Harry Koplan, Cathy Downs and Jan Merlin.
June 55 is on the Los Angeles stage as the oldest daughter in Time Out for Ginger
is the other woman in The Fifth Season at the Alcatraz. Her co-stars are Angela Greene, Gene Raymond, and Joseph Buloff.
? dates Robert Vaughn for a magazine spread
End October 55 she and 14 other actresses are chosen as "WAMPAS Baby Stars of 1956" by a group of veteran actors and actresses, including Ginger Rogers. The other Baby Stars are Fay Spain, 21, Phoenix, Arizona; Barbara Huffman, 21, Tucson, Arizona; Violet Rensing, 24, Berlin, Germany; Dawn Richard, 18, Los Angles, California; Donna Cook, 18, Los Angeles, California; Norma Nillson, 18, Los Angeles, California; Phyllis Applegate, 22, Los Angeles, California; Del-Fin Thursday, 20, Honolulu, Hawaii; Jolene Brand, 21, Baldwin Park, California; Roxanne Arlen, 21, Detroit, Michigan; Lita Milan, 21, Brooklyn, New York; Ina Poindexter, 23, Covington, Tennessee; Doreen Stevens, 21, Atlantic City, New Jersey; and Barbara Marks, 22, San Diego, California.
November 55 columnist Walter Winchell reports that "Arthur Loew, Jr., thinks Jewell Lain is a gem..."
breaks up with Martin and starts to date Cary Grant for a year and a half
c. 56 Charles Martin casts her in a small part in his Death of a Scoundrel
? the second lead in Suicide Battalion, Bing Russell, wants to marry her even though he’s already married with four kids
July 60 slaps a $10,000 damage suit against a famous beauty salon. She had foot surgery, the result of a May 31 accident when she walked into a pane of glass that was propped against a partition in the beauty parlor.
May 62 accepts a $4,500 settlement of her suit for damages from the Elizabeth Arden Beauty Studio in Beverly Hills. She sued after cutting her ankle on a piece of glass.
January 67 along with Hazel Court, Inge Jaklyn, Amanda Blake, and Anita Aquino, is one of many show business personalities portrayed by Hollywood artist Glenn Yost
? on a blind date as a favor to her friend Roy Lawswon, she meets Berman Swarrtz. Swarrtz is a lawyer who was married to Ruth Selznick, daughter of Howard Selznick, who had been in and out of mental institutions.
5 September 68 marries producer Burman a.k.a. Berman Swarttz in Los Angeles. He's 53; she's 38. Swarttz hit the news in May 1954 when suing National Pictures Corporation and its president, Edward L. Alperson, for $2 million alleging breach of contract in filming the stage show New Face.
February 70 promotes a folding wall table
Late March 71 films the pilot for "Those Games People Play" opposite Los Angeles Rams receiver Jack Snow in Hollywood. Her husband Swarttz produces.
9 June 71 is convicted of speeding in Beverly Hills and fined $24. She’s found guilty of driving 55 miles per hour in a 35-mile-per-hour zone at Crescent Heights Boulevard and Fountain Avenue in Hollywood on March 10. Her defense attorney is her husband Berman Swarttz. The press thinks “her 36-22-36 measurements almost got her into more troubles.”
September 71 / April 74 divorces Swarttz in Los Angeles. He will marry Marcella Fromberg in July 1975.
? meets Charles Martin again. He suffers from diabetes and will have eventually his legs amputated. Martin will die in 1983.
? as Jewell J. Swarttz, she resides in North Hills, California
11 March 15 as Jewell Jean Swarttz, she dies at age 84 in Northridge, Los Angeles
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