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(Tatjana Bernt)
36 is born in Austria of Slavonic heritage
? graduates from the Lycee
is fluent in six languages
? starts as a showgirl
Early 50s is discovered by famed fashion designer Jacques Fath as model for a layout in Vogue magazine. She changes her name to Sylvia Sinclair, cover girl.
7 November 56 marries composer Francois Lopez at the city hall of the first district, Paris
Summer 58 on the set of Hercules Unchained, she lays a kiss on her co-star Steve Reeves that isn't a screen kiss
visits her co-star Reeves at his American Palace Hotel apartment for private rehearsals
Spring 59 attends the Festival de Cannes
July 59 spends her last summer with her husband at their Quartier de la Californie home in Cannes
will start shooting soon her next movie at the studios de la Victorine in Nice
November 59 dies in Rome from leukemia
Paris Match, Glamour Girls by Steve Sullivan, Classic Physique,
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