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(Margaret June Maley)
8 June 23 is born in Pottsville, Pennsylvania
30 lives with her grandparents in Pottsville, Pennsylvania
42 is crowned “Miss Atlantic City”
August 43 is a New York chorine and dead ringer for Lana Turner
October 46 consoles Stuart Martin when Angela Greene, “formerly of the Broadway choruses,“ returns his engagement ring
August 47 is seen at the Leslie House with Jay Rossback of the department store clan
25 September 47 debuts on the New York stage in I Gotta Get Out. The play closes after four performances.
May 48 dates band leader Artie Shaw
January 48 is the only girl in the cast of Mr. Roberts
18 Mach - 3 July 48 is on the New York stage again in Joy to the World at the Plymouth Theater. The play closes after 124 performances.
April 48 she and fellow actress Lois Andrews throw a New York City party that is lit by two fires, one in the alley and one in the wastebasket
September 48 Lord David Milford-Haven is mad about her, and she also gives insomnia to George DeWitt
October 48 is back in the States from being shown London by Milford-Haven
December 48 is so mad about jazzer Buddy Rich that she reserves a table at the Clique every night for two weeks running
tells off Buddy Rich at the Clique club for not paying enough attention to her
August 49 is the big romance of Joe Fischetti, youngest of the three Chicago brothers, cousins to Al Capone
a Greek shipping tycoon leases her place while Joe Fischetti is preparing to fly East to be with her
Late 40s spending a lot of time in Europe, she is kept by King Faruk of Egypt. They have a torrid love affair, and he showers her with European haute couture.
50s is one of Columbia boss Harry Cohn's “girlfriends”
April 50 makes up with Fischetti and follows him to Florida
June 50 recuperates from an appendectomy in Atlantic City
March 51 it's all over between her and George DeWitt
Late July 51 with Ralph Meeker’s blessing, she goes on a date with Tim Taylor to Ciro’s. Ralph cooks her a farewell dinner.
August 51 columnist Armand “Army" Archerd reports that “although Peggy Maley dated Tim Taylor at Ciro’s, it was with Ralph Meeker’s consent. Ralph even cooked her a farewell dinner. She’s off to Europe...”
August 51 is seen out with actor Farley Granger
is off to Paris, France
52-54 is a very close friend of Frances Fay and goes to listen to her all the time at Ye Little Club or the Cresendo
lives at the Fountain Lanai in Hollywood at the corner of Switzer and Fountain
is a good friend of Ava Gardner, Shelly Winters, Betty Grable, and Bobby Short, among others.
she and her boyfriend, young Richard "Rick" Shelton, attend Betty Grable's birthday party out and around the pool at the Fountain Lanai. After the party, Peggy borrows Rick's car, not telling him where she's going. She calls several hours later to tell him he can pick up the car. On his way home, he finds a very small high heel shoe. Later he asks Peggy about it, and she discovers it was Betty Grable's.
Shelton takes a former classmate of his, aspiring actress Ina Poindexter of Covington, Tennessee, to Peggy's apartment. There, Peggy makes beautiful Ina wear a Jacques Faith that she was given by Faruk, a white satin dress with pearl-like beads beautifully sown onto the bodice. So when Rick takes Ina to Ciro's, many heads turn that night.
never seems to have a dime to herself. She also has a terrible drinking problem, along with a nasty mouth
enjoys teaching Rick how to act "European." When he lights her cigarette, she puts two fingers on the finger he is holding the match with and then taps him with one of those fingers when her cigarette is lit.
7 July 52 marries Ricky Rafeld in Fort Lee, New Jersey. It’s her first marriage, her husband’s third.
August 52 columnist Harrison Carroll reports that she and Rafeld will settle permanently in Hollywood. “He gave up his New York business and loves California. She will resume her career.”
September 52 she and Rafeld separate. “We won’t rush into a divorce,” she says. “We’ll just think things over until Rickey returns in about three weeks.”
October 52 is seen with Tim Taylor at the Mocambo
February 53 dates actor John Hodiak, but her mind is on actor Mike Ireland
is the love of actor Brad Dexter, the ex of singer Peggy Lee
March 53 is seen at the Bantam Cock with Tim Taylor
June 53 is back in Hollywood and has a new admirer, Cork Bryant, Las Vegas mining man. He’s due to visit her there.
July 53 her ex-husband Rafeld is injured in a terrible auto accident shortly after his divorce from her
January 54 dates golfer Al Besselink
August 55 enjoys an inside-page romance with Sidney Gordon
September 55 is in love with Brad Dexter
August 56 dates actor Corey Allen
September 57 dates Ted Tillinghast III, the estranged husband of actress Nancy Valentine
October 57 is seen out with Western movie actor Jason Hall
March 60 gives up Hollywood to manage her father's bars and grills in New Jersey
Early 60s stays with Leslie Snyder, who once worked for Louella Parsons. Leslie asks male model William Ramage to "be nice to Peggy" while she is in Las Vegas for a few days. He takes Peggy out to The Knife and Fork coffee shop, and there they meet Troy Donahue. Ramage will later remember that evening as a painful experience as Peggy talked non-stop and was inappropriately dressed.
December 64 Winchell reports: “If you've been tormented wondering what happened to Peggy Maley (of the B'way-H'wood zoos) she's been girlivanting, at Liz Whitney Tippitt's farm, attending the Piedmont Hunt and discovering that rich is better..."
66 resides in a three-room apartment at 348 East 49th Street. She likes drink and drugs and has a construction worker-type boyfriend named Tony.
frequents Arthur, a disco owned by Richard Burton’s first wife
? has a white lilac Siamese cat that eats fresh chicken livers in the morning and canned king crab meat in the evening
c. 67 goes to Bermuda for a week
May 67 columnist Charles McHarry writes: “Madcap Peggy Maley is back in town and studying at the Actor’s Studio”
72 marries Donald Schonbrunn in New York
18 November 94 divorces Schonbrunn in Palm Beach, Florida. Schonbrunn will die on October 21, 2019, in Fresh Meadows, New York.
01 lives in California
1 October 07 dies at age 84 in Hatfield, Pennsylvania
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