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(Kathleen Ann Maslowski)
31 December 34 is born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, to Thomas and Julia Maslowski
? attends high school in Minneapolis
c. 51 moves to California at age 16
? attends high school in Van Nuys, California
June 53 hailed a Minneapolis model, she is queen of the annual "Get the Dents Out of Your Fenders Month," a nationwide campaign to urge more than 42,000,000 American car owners to maintain their automobile's appearance
? is crowned "Miss Minneapolis"
? is crowned "Miss Long White Potato"
? is crowned "Miss Traveling Saleslady"
? is crowned "Miss Chinchilla"
? is crowned "Miss Lawnseed"
? is crowned "Miss Nightmare"
? is crowned "Miss Green Stamps"
? wins a job as assistant to Bernard's of Hollywood
August 53 is fighter Lou Nova's date at the Saratoga
October 53 is on the cover of Photo
June 54 is tourney queen at the Cal-Neva Lodge invitational best-ball tournament at Lake Tahoe
December 54 actor Lawrence Tierney melts over her
55 her measurements are 37-24-36
March 55 promotes the new $7,000 flaming torch sign for Rafters Restaurant in the Valley
July 55 is chosen "Sun Goddess" by the Borrego Springs, California, Chamber of Commerce
August 55 is presented at the Ravaks' fun variety show held at the Temple
makes it a production with producer Hugo Haas
September 55 promotes the 64-year record heat wave in the Los Angeles area
is among 100 Hollywood chorines seeking contracts who are interviewed by Leroy Prinz to become WAMPAS Baby Stars. Others in the row are Marilyn Johnson, Hedi Duval, Myrna Lundeen, Sydne Miller, Kay Twitchell, Jolene Brand, Barbara Huffman, Audrey Vogel, June Gilmore, and Claire Weeks.
56 is Hollywood's most photographed publicity picture model
has a spread in Life magazine
56 / 57 is named "Miss Date of the Month" and "Meet Me at the Fair Queen"
19 February 56 graces the model stock car race held at Bonelli Stadium in Saugus, California
May 56 works mornings as a bookkeeper
promotes the opening of the new golf course erected in North Hollywood by Joe Kirkwood
28 May 56 is on hand to greet K. M. Gentry, skipper of the USS Rochester, at a press party prior to preview showing of D-Day, the Sixth of June at the Fox West Coast Theater
August 56 is named "Nutritionist's Nemesis" by the National Dietary Food Dealers in Pasadena
October 56 is one of the blondes with Tommy Noonan, master of ceremonies at the Ballyhoo Ball in Los Angeles. The others are Sandra Giles, Mamie Van Doren, Jayne Mansfield, and Julie Otis/Reding.
May 57 the press reports from Burbank, California: "After Kathy Marlowe completed her role of a girl seated at a bar in Bombers B-52 at Warner Bros., the studio immediately cast her in The Helen Morgan Story - as a girl standing at a bar."
is pictured on her way to the bank. "She says she earned only $3,000 last year. But 1957 sees her getting $1,000 a month from her acting chores. She's currently before the cameras in Death in Small Doses, which pays off in large doses of cash."
October 57 has six pages in Jem
58 Spencer Tracy recommends her to director Philip Dunne for his upcoming Ten North Frederick but when Tracy passes on the project Kathy is not cast
July 58 is featured in Adam
4 March 59 promotes the ribbon-cutting ceremonies of two new Valley Food Giant Markets, one in Van Nuys and the other in Woodland Hills
21 June 59 marries actor Harry Jackson in New Rochelle, New York. She's 24; he's 36.
60 meets her upcoming husband, Navy captain Jerry Thompson, at a bar near Van Nuys Airport
October 60 she and fellow starlet Colleen O'Sullivan model the newest in underwater wear
March 61 appears in a pre-divorce hearing in Los Angeles to tell a Superior Court commissioner that her husband hit her on the chin during an argument. Jackson's version is that she slapped him seven times previously.
May 61 operates The Kathy Marlowe School of Charm at 14609 Venture Boulevard in Sherman Oaks
23 May 61 files suit for divorce from Jackson in Superior Court. She charges Jackson pushed her around, threw things, made holes in the walls, barricaded himself in a bedroom and told her to "get out of my life."
26 May 61 wearing a bright pink silk suit, pink feathered hat and pink shoes, she appears in court and is awarded $250 temporary monthly alimony; she was seeking $400. Represented by attorney Sidney Traxler, she alleges that Jackson tried to strangle her. She lists expenses of $744 a month and contends Jackson earns $1,000 a month. Jackson's mother, Matilda Jackson, tells the court her son was upset because "his wife was out every night for about three weeks and she wouldn't tell him where she went." Jackson takes the stand and says he struck his wife on the jaw and admits she was black and blue and bleeding because "I was angry." He is ordered out of their 6913 Orion Avenue home in Van Nuys and told not to molest his wife.
October 61 speaks about charm at a meeting of the Platt Ranch Woman's Club
14 March 62 gets her divorce from Jackson in Los Angeles
5 September 63 marries Gerald L. “Jerry“ Thompson in Orange County, California. He’s 30; she’s 28.
c. 63 she and her husband settle in China Cove, Newport Beach, California
94 joins the volunteer team at nonprofit organization SOS
14 the Thompsons reside in China Cove, Newport Beach, California
18 becomes the widow of Thompson
2 July 22 as Kathy Marlowe Thompson, she dies at age 87. She is survived by three children: son Gerald Livingston Thompson, Jr. (Betty); daughter April Ann Thompson-Egbert, grandsons, Spencer Gerald Egbert and Pierce Steven Egbert; and son Todd William Thompson (April Jennifer Grice-Thompson), and grandchildren. Ava Lee Grace Thompson, Tayden Courage Thompson and Josiah Endure Thompson.
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