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(Diane J. McBain)
18 May 41 is born in Cleveland, Ohio, into a Scotch-German family with a trace of American Indian blood
? grows up in Glendale, California
56 enters and wins her first beauty contest
? is "Miss Realtor," "Miss Beautiful," "Miss Catalina," and "Miss Glendale"
c. 57 begins modeling and is known from magazine ads and TV commercials at age 16
? works at the Glenville Center Theatre, where she becomes friendly with aspiring actress Connie Stevens
May 58 is pictured modeling with the 35,000,000th tire made by the B. G. Goodrich Tire Co. to commemorate the company's 30th year of tire manufacturing on the West Coast
60 has an affair with co-star Richard Burton while filming Ice Palace
End 60 is romanced by young actor Angus Duncan, Bing Crosby's son in High Time, when he meets his future wife, Barbara Williamson, in the 20th Century-Fox commissary
December 60 she and Bob Evans are inseparable
61 feels the wrath of actress Claudette Colbert while filming Parrish
? wins her part in Claudelle Inglish over Shirley Knight
January 60 columnist Walter Winchell reports that she "and Chad Everett aren't acting their Claudelle Inglish romance. They're inseparable while on location in Stockton while filming the Warner flick."
February 61 TV actor Ralph Taeger goes from Sherry Jackson to her roommate, Diane
March 61 it's she and Fred Amsel, the theatrical agent
July 61 dated actor Troy Donahue before he met Swedish actress Lili Kardell, whom he will marry this summer
March 62 columnist Walter Winchell thinks she "keeps her name in print shedding beaus weekly. Current companion is 'Surfside 6' teammate Lee Patterson."
July 62 columnist Hedda Hopper reports from Arthur Cameron's dinner dance at Romanoff's: "It was evident that Diane McBain and producer Hal Bartlett were crazy about each other. They never stopped dancing. His lovely Latin wife sat at our table and hoped no one would notice. We did. By midnight she'd had it. She told Miss McBain off in no uncertain terms, grabbed her husband by the arm, and took him home. It looks like another divorce to me."
September 62 TV actor Vince Edwards denies dating her: "I haven't seen her in two months and then only because she was working on an adjacent sound stage. Stories like this upset my girlfriend, Sherry Nelson."
October 62 has a big "mystery man" in her life, who's quite important
will enroll in night college, studying languages
January 63 columnist Harrison Carroll reports that there's never a dull moment in the life of Omar Sharif. "Omar dated Tuesday Weld, Diane McBain, as well as Sue Barton."
64 she's 5`7" tall, has had crushes but remains single
leaves Warner Brothers amicably after declining a small part in Sex and the Single Girl
June 65 Raf Vallone, her co-star in Harlow, is dating her like he was never married
April 63 is an El Morocco quartet with Warren Beatty, millionairess Alicia Purdom Clark, and Charles Feldman
May 63 columnist Dorothy Kilgallen reports: "Dennis Stein, the clothing firm executive, has just returned to Manhattan after two months of dating Diane McBain in Hollywood, and he's been contributing heavily to the AT&T since he returned. He was on the long distance horn for over an hour at the Embers the other night, even having drinks served to him while he was telephoning."
August 64 Kilgallen reports that Diane "and her multimillionaire suitor have parted. Looks final."
April 65 is bedded with German measles
3 August 65 her parents return home to Los Angeles from a vacation and find their daughter's home in Coldwater Canyon deserted. They become alarmed and notify the police.
4 August 65 is found at the Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego. As reason for her brief disappearance is given "a change of scenery, faces and attitude."
December 66 follows disc jockey Johnny Grant on his 29th overseas tour to entertain servicemen from Saigon to Da Nang. His other pretty guest is fellow actress Tippi Hedren.
Late January 69 attends a reception at the White House where "the Richard Nixons have some 800 buddies in for coffee, Danish pastry and champagne." Among the guests are Don DeFore, Barbara Eden and Michael Ansara, Ruta Lee, Rosemary Bowe, Dorothy Malone, Mrs. Bob Cummings, Anita Louise and Henry Berger, Norman Taurog, Buddy Ebsen, and Dale Robertson. They are personally greeted by the President and First Lady.
69 films I Sailed to Tahiti with an All-Girl-Crew in Hawaii and will remember working with Gardner McKay as not very pleasurable
January 70 she and Harlem Globetrotter Mark Stevens promote the March of Dimes benefit basketball game between the Globetrotters and Hollywood Celebrities held at the Inglewood Forum
70 after filming The Delta Factor, director Tay Garnett regrets not having her cast for the lead instead of Yvette Mimieux
6 February 72 marries Rodney L. Burke in San Bernardino. He's 29; she's 30.
24 June 73 her son, Evan Andrew, is born in Los Angeles
May 74 divorces Burke in Los Angeles
74 takes her baby to the set and is breast-feeding it while filming ABC's "Wide World of Mystery" in England
29 December 82 according to a spokesman for her, she was raped and severely beaten at her house on Christmas Day. "No other details are available." Later it will be revealed that "it was 1 a.m. on Christmas Day 1982 when Mrs. McBain drove into the garage of her apartment building and was attacked by two men. Thinking back on it later, she believes the men might have been hanging around an all-night hot dog stand, a block or so away from her home. The police theorize that the men noticed her drive by, perhaps had noticed her before, and followed her into her garage. They tied her to the bumper of her car and raped her for 45 minutes. She can't remember how she got loose after they left, but she did and went to her apartment and called the police."
May 84 believes she has become a better actress since the attack. "The event deepened me," she says. She is convinced "that our society is largely responsible for violent crimes in general, and rape in particular."
? resides at the Motion Picture Country House in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles
21 December 22 dies at age 81 at the Motion Picture Country House of liver cancer
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