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(Wilhelmina "Billie" June Palinkas)
27 July 34 is born in Los Angeles, California, to William A. Palinkas and his wife, nee McClain
? attends Hollywood High School
? starts as a Vargas Girl
50s is a pinup model and favorite of photographers such as Andre de Dienes, Earl Moran, and Tom Kelley
November 50 she and actor Jackie Coogan romance
51 wins a national contest sponsored by a hosiery company
January 51 a diaper pin in her brief outfit becomes the point of contention between censors and a Hollywood pinup magazine publisher. Authorities ban mailing of the publication until the diaper pin is retouched.
May 51 follows the Hollywood craze of ancient Bulgarian milk culture by taking a Yami Yogurt bath for publicity purposes
7 July 51 elopes with assistant director George Carl "Rusty" Meek II to Carmel, California
August 51 she and Meek separate and both file suit for divorce. He's 24; she's 17.
December 51 dates Charlie Chaplin, Jr.
20 May 52 Meek wins a divorce from her by testifying she disillusioned him on their wedding day. Meek says she drank so heavily at their wedding reception that she "got very amorous toward all the men guests and finally fell down and had to carried to her room." He's 27; she's 17.
July 52 is seen at the Band Box with Jackie Coogan
September 52 is actor George Raft's secret uh-huhney
11 September 52 sues for $300,000 damages in Los Angeles, alleging she was betrayed by 32-year-old Mario Parra, son of a wealthy Mexican family. Suing through her mother, June Mae Palinkas of West Hollywood, she claims Parra took advantage of her "youth and innocence" last December 20 and that she became "shamed and humiliated" by getting pregnant.
December 52 is among 20 chorus girls in Here Come the Girls asked about their ambition in life. She replies: “To be a good actress.”
10 December 52 declares in Hollywood that she and her husband, George Carl Meek, have become reconciled. "Actually this happened nearly three months ago but we kept it a secret until we were sure that everything would work out," she tells newsmen. "It took us some time to reach a happy solution and now we are sure that we have arrived at that." She obtained an interlocutory decree in May 1952, but no final decree will be entered.
28 July 53 her son by Meek, Michael Charles, is born in Los Angeles
54 Models Publishing Company of New York, offers six 8x10s of her by mail order for $3
August 54 plays a petty girl on Ken Murray's TV series "Where Were You?"
October 54 columnist Jimmy Fidler reports: "Actress-model June McCall, who, we hear, has the distinction of gracing 300 magazine covers, has just finished a Hollywood film chore with Kirk Douglas, and now she's heading for a big TV contract..."
January 57 is seen at Ciro’s with Sydney Epstein
8 October 57 marries George Abdo in Las Vegas, Nevada
December 57 is ringside with businessman Bill Williams at Peggy King's opening at the Mocambo
November 59 files a claim for compensation at the California Industrial Accident Commission claiming she broke her ankle on location filming at the Iverson Ranch while being chased by Indians. The case it taken under consideration.
May 60 will marry millionaire L. Brody
July 63 declares that in six weeks in New York she dated tycoons worth $795 million and ate $2,500 worth of dinners
is guest at the Kennedy family's reunion at Hyannis Port, Massachusetts, after doing TV's "To Tell the Truth" in New York
19 September 65 marries Michael A. Ruth in Los Angeles. Both are 31.
July 67 she and Ruth file for divorce in Los Angeles
December 69 divorces Ruth in Los Angeles
90 resides at 11505 Victory Boulevard, Los Angeles
14 April 90 as June McCall, she dies at age 55 at the Valley Pres. Hospital in Van Nuys, California, from alcoholic liver disease due to cirrhosis of the liver
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