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24 November 23 is born in Louisiana
45 begins as a “Goldwyn Girl” in Wonder Man
August 47 models a millinery fantasy hat concocted of a pretzel snack and liquid refreshment in new one-way bottles
47 entertains GIs in the Philippines and Iwo Jima
47 - 48 is under contract to the short-lived Eagle-Lion Studios
February 49 is the singing sensation at Charlie Morrison's Mocambo. Myrna Dell and Otto Preminger, Jay Gould and Wanda Grant, Betty Hensel and Arthur Little, Jr., and Coleen Gray and Felix Ferry attend the opening.
March 49 performs at the Club Cal-Neva
November 49 marries 39-year-old Bucharest-born composer and songwriter Ted Grouya in Paris
April 51 stars in Gay Paris, a super-revue at the fabulous Casino de Paris. The show took two years to complete and is estimated to have cost more than 350,000,000 Francs, about $1,000,000. "She was singing at Dinarzade, a plush Parisian night haunt, when she was spotted by talent scouts for Henri Varna, producer of the Casino's shows."
52 is the star of London's Pigalle nightclub
March 53 is pictured in Chicago with three members of the victorious Los Angeles Golden Gloves team
26 March 53 is among the nation's 15 best dressed women named by the Fashion Academy in New York. The list is led by Mamie Eisenhower.
April 53 is brought at considerable expense from her colorful stage in the Casino de Paris to give an embroidery of French atmosphere to the Empire Room at the Waldorf Astoria
? is the lead singer at Bimbo's
June 55 along with others, comes to the rescue of Charlie Morrison, who will be bedridden for several months, to fill his Mocambo
July 55 she and Grouya separate, but he continues as her manager. In 1957 he will be reported escorting oil-wealthy matron Elsinore Machris around Palm Springs.
January 58 as Mary Meade French, she ringsides at the opening of Betty Reilly and her Five Guys at Facks II
August 58 her chums bet that she and Alex Runciman will make up their quarrel even though she dates Vittorio Gassman, whom she met in Rome
November 58 she and "Alex Runciman are back together when time allows. She is studying for a PhD at USC."
May 59 columnist Walter Winchell reports that "Joe DiMaggio's baby stare was put there by Mary Meade French..."
May 61 performs at the World Travel Club at Pasadena City College's Sexson Auditorium
June 70 makes personal appearances on the beauty stage for cosmetic house Germaine Monteil to "sing the praises and win new fans for beauty products"
29 September 73 marries assistant director John Richard Bremerkamp, the ex of actress Marguerite Chapman, in Las Vegas, Nevada
February 74 is seen at Kelbo's in Hollywood with husband Dick Bremerkamp
12 December 01 becomes the widow of Bremerkamp, who dies at age 87 in Apple Valley, California
10 December 03 as Mary M. Bremerkamp, she dies at age 80 in Appley Valley, California
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