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28/29 December 27 is born in the Bronx, New York City, to Denzil and Catherine Michaels, one of six children
c. 37 begins a career as a fashion model at age 9
c. 39 wins a newspaper photographic contest at age 11
43 becomes a showgirl at 16 and starts working at the famous Billy Rose's Diamond Horseshoe. Afterwards, she works in other well-known nightclubs.
46 makes her stage debut in a play in Boston, Massachussets, with Jane Withers. The play later goes to Broadway, but closes soon after its first night.
May 46 she and fellow showgirl Kay Crespi feud with the rest of the girls at the Diamond Horseshoe
49 meets Russian-born MGM producer Voldemar Vetluguin while filming East Side, West Side
September 49 marries Vetluguin in Santa Monica, California. She's 5'9" and three inches taller than her groom; he's about 30 years her senior.
50 separates from Vetluguin
51 starts working for director-producer-screenwriter-actor Hugo Haas in his upcoming Pickup
22 March 51 sues Vetluguin for divorce, charging cruelty and asking for reasonable alimony. She's 22; he's 50.
52 is replaced by Haas with Cleo Moore
November 52 is seen around with brilliant 39-year-old producer Russell Rouse
December 52 sings Christmas carols at a USO camp show tour of Alaska
January 53 will marry Rouse when she returns from her USO tour
April 53 leaves Universal-International
June 53 will receive a hunk of fortune when the will of her ex-husband Vetluguin is probated. Vetluguin died on May 15.
July 53 is squired by writer-director Russell Rouse for weeks. He announces that he will produce and direct Spoiled, with her in the lead.
December 53 she and Rouse are still to be wed
? marries Rouse. He's 19 years her senior.
28 November 58 her son Christop R. is born in Los Angeles
27 March 61 her son Stephen R. is born in Los Angeles
2 October 87 becomes the widow of Rouse, who dies at age 73 in California
June 07 dies at age 79 in Phoenix, Arizona, of a stroke
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