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(Diana Claire Millay)
7 June 35 is born in Rye, New York, the granddaughter of Mrs. Van Blarcom Smith of Larchmont and Walter E. Smith of Rye
? attends Thornton-Donovan School
? starts her career at age 7, when she tap dances her way to standing ovations in her second-grade class play
c. 45 wins a beauty contest at age 10 and is chosen to model sun suits for the Sears Catalog
? has appeared in over 40 live New York television shows by the age of 15
? attends the New York Studio of the Theater and the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts
? debuts on "The Steve Allen Show"
March 56 is heralded to be the new timekeeper on TV’s “Masquerade Party”
February 57 is Errol Flynn's new discovery
December 57 is featured in Male
is crowned "Bachelor Queen" by the Bachelor Society of America. The coronation is at the group's seventh anniversary meeting.
January 58 catches the eye of Fair Game producer Sam Levene
June 58 is a hit in Broadway’s Fair Game
August 58 is on the cover of Tab
May 61 columnist Earl Wilson reports that NBC wants to sign her to an exclusive TV contract
May 62 she and Bob Newhart host the Hollywood portions of NBC’s “The Emmy Awards Show.” The host in New York City is Nora Hayden.
? tours the U.S. and Canada in the National Company production of The Seven Year Itch, starring Eddie Bracken
November 63 columnist Louis Sobol reports: "Harold Abelson who appealed to us to find out what had happened to Diana Millay needn't have been so worried. Her agent, Richard Astor, advises she is neither 'sick, dead nor in hiding' but very much alive and in the public eye. Lives on the coast and is active in television. End of lovesick Abelson's distress..."
4 August 66 her mother, Mrs. Edward L. Geng, announce Diana’s engagement to Geoffrey Montgomery Talbot Jones in Rye, New York. Jones hails from a wealthy Rhode Island / Maryland family and is an alumnus of Phillips Academy at Andover, Massachusetts, and of Princeton University. In 1940 he hit the news as the handsome escort of heiress Gloria Vanderbilt. He served with the Office of Strategic Services in World War II.
September 66 columnist Walter Winchell reports that she and “Broadway producer Jeff Jones told their chums they do it October 1...”
October 66 marries socialite and Broadway producer Geoffrey Jones. He’s 46; she’s 31.
November 66 Jones is noted in a state of suspended animation in the Social Register, just listed for marrying her
7 June 67 her son, Kiley Christopher, is born on her birthday
April 68 columnist Jack O’Brian reports: ”The estranged Jeff Jones (actress Diana Millay) can’t even agree on the first name for their nine-months-old son and are in court over it...”
September 68 Winchell writes: “Socialite Geoffrey Jones (he led the French Underground Movement in Southern France during World War II) took his estranged wife, ex-actress Diana Millay, to court to get permission to visit his year-old son...”
? divorces Jones, who will die at age 87 in New York in 2007
90s is a testimonial for and salesperson of Microhydrin, a nutritional supplement
? resides in New York
8 January 21 dies at age 85 in New York
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