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(Yvonne Bèdat de Monlaur)
15 December 35 is born in Pau, France. Her father's a White Russian count; her mother's a ballet dancer
goes to the ballet
Late 50s works as a model for magazines like Elle
director Andre Hunelle discovers her for his Mannequins de Paris
director Franco Rossi calls her to Rome for a Italian-Spanish co-production
58 is spottet by British producer Anthony Hinds in Avventura a Capri and asked to England where she does a TV programme
59 a Paris magazine votes her the year's sexiest screen newcomer
gives her statistics as 89-56-89 cm
an Italian newspaper calls her the year's most promising actress
September 59 is featured in Male with a four-page pictorial
June 59 is on the cover of the Italian Tempo magazine
? suffers bad facial burns in a speedboat accident while filming Avventure a Capri in Italy, resulting in months of reconvalescence at a hospital
60 her mother accompanies her to England for three movies
26 January 60 is her first day before the camera at Bray Studios, England, for The Brides of Dracula. The filming will last for the next two months. She has her mother with her as a chaperone who is very ambitious for her which is a bit annoying to cast and crew. Both are hoping to make it big in the movies. She will later have only good memories of the experience.
is very quiet but very friendly on the set of The Brides of Dracula
18 April 60 shooting of The Terror of the Tongs starts at Bray Studios, England
6/7 July 60 attends the premiere of The Brides of Dracula at London's Marble Arch Odeon. She arrives in a horse-drawn carriage, the same one used in the movie.
60s does a lot of Italian and German movies and TV
? her son, Alexis, is born
70 feels the need to return to France for personal reasons and eventually retires from the movies
90s lives in Paris
29 May 99 attends Bray Studio Days, a Hammer reunion party, held at Bray
29 - 30 July 00 attends the Classic FilmFest at the Hyatt Crystal City in Arlington, Virginia, along with Betsy Jones Moreland, Linda Harrison, Veronica Carlson and Margaret O'Brien, amongst others
18 April 17 dies at age 81 in Neuilly-sur-Seine, Paris
Andre Melly and Harry Oakes in Little Shoppe of Horrors, Filles de l'enfer website, Hammer Glamour website, Classic Images, The House that Hammer Built
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