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(Helen Luella Koford)
7 January 29 is born in Los Angeles, California
48 Harry Cohn of Columbia Pictures changes her name, from her given Swedish name of Helen Koford, to the Irish, Terry Moore
is in a clique with Jane Powell, Elizabeth Taylor, Marshall Thompson, Ann Blyth, Richard Long, Roddy McDowall, Debbie Reynolds, and Jerome "Cojo" Courtland
November 48 still a virgin, she's introduced to billionaire Howard Hughes at a staged meeting in the dining room of the Beverly Wilshire Hotel
is flown by Hughes to Palm Springs for a weekend at the home of Darryl Zanuck
at the Doll House Restaurant in Palm Springs, young actor Dale Robertson mistakes Hughes for her father
June 49 Hughes rents a beach house on Harbor Island; she brings all of her family
? Hughes "marries her under the stars" on top of Mulholland Drive
Fall 49 Hughes marries her secretly offshore San Diego; the wedding cake is shaped like Mighty Joe Young, the title character from her recent movie
? lives with Hughes at bungalow 19 at the Beverly Hills Hotel
spends a lot of nights with Hughes at the Chi Chi Club, Palm Springs
October 49 Sally Forrest shows her how to do a whirlwind polka at Bob Arthur's housewarming party
50 spies on Hughes as he meets an eighteen-year old blonde with her mother at the Desert Inn, Las Vegas
February 50 her new man is Columbia sound cutter Don Mahin
1 January 51 has her first date with football-pro Glenn Davis
escorted by her mother and Glenn Davis, she helps with fundraising at a big Chicago telethon for handicapped children
tours the Hawaiian Islands with mother and the Harlem Globetrotters
enjoys the company of Davis more and more
9 February 51 marries Davis at the Mormon Church in Glendale, California; her father turns her life's savings over to her new husband
feels that her wedding night at the Santa Ynez Inn in Pacific Palisades with Howard was special; spends her honeymoon in Acapulco with 26 diaphragms, which are furnished by Hughes
moves with Davis to Lubbock, Texas, into a one-room apartment; he tries to use her contacts to get into business with Hughes Tool Company
Hughes designs her dress for High Heels and takes her on a fact-finding mission for the movie
she asks Davis for a divorce; angry, he immediately returns to Los Angeles, to fight it out with Hughes
hides for some weeks, with her stand-in, at a ranch in Nevada, under the name of Barbara Malone
becomes Hughes' first student pilot to receive her flying license, and later, the third woman in the world to be checked out in a jet
lives with her stand-in at Sunset Boulevard House and takes her meals twice a day at the Beverly Hills Hotel
watches a lot of of blue movies in bed with Howard
November 51 moves back home to her family in Glendale
Hughes invites her and her family for Thanksgiving to Sunny Sands Motel, Palm Springs, where she splits up with him because of his dating other girls simultaneously
starts dating hotel heir Nicky Hilton and young actor Robert Evans prior to the filming of Come Back, Little Sheba
the studio sends her on a flurry of publicity dates with Johnnie Ray
has some problems with the love scenes during the filming of Come Back, Little Sheba because Richard Jaeckel looks like Glenn Davis to her
December 51 her time-consuming career is the main reason for the breakup of her marriage to football star Glenn Davis
14 April 52 gets her divorce from Davis on the grounds of mental cruelty
becomes pregnant on her very first night with Hughes at their new hacienda in Coldwater Canyon
becomes jealous over Hughes' attentions to Debbie Reynolds
May 52 Paramount starts a campaign to turn her from the-girl-next-door into a teenaged sex queen
Johnnie Ray and she are soooo crazy about each other
is out with Greg Bautzer at Romanoff's; he soon asks her to choose between him or Hughes
is out with Kirk Douglas
is allowed to use her pet snake Midnight on the filming of Man On a Tightrope. The snake dies in the cold of Germany.
October 52 has a miscarriage in Munich while filming Man On a Tightrope and gives birth to a baby daughter from Hughes that is too premature to survive. Kirk Douglas sends flowers.
dates Prince Mahmoud Pahlavi, brother of the Shah of Iran
goes to the opening of Come Back, Little Sheba with actor Larry Harvey
dates Jacques Sernas
March 53 Bob Wagner takes her to the Academy Awards and, afterwards, to Romanoff's
May 53 returns with a bigger bosom after ten weeks in Europe
is out with Laurence Harvey at Ciro's
June 53 attends the opening of Call Me Madam with Nicky Hilton
her friend Robert Wagner introduces her to Rock Hudson because Bob wants to meet Rock's girlfriend Piper Laurie
November 53 is seen with Dave Frame at the Mocambo. She and Bob Wagner call it quits.
December 53 has certainly not married Robert Wagner in Florida
toasts Jerome Courtland's opening night performance at the Crescendo
causes turmoil when she does the USO Christmas tour in Korea in an ermine bathing suit, to the anger of her studio
54 Tony Curtis and Hugh O'Brian call for dates
February 54 Rock Hudson takes her to The Robe premiere
? James Dean takes her to the opening of The Red Garter
April 54 does an advertisement for Jolene Hollywood-inspired shoes
July 54 does her act at the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas and is billed $15,000 by Hughes for her costumes
plays summer stock at the the Drury Lane Theater in Chicago with Strictly Dishonorable
Summer 54 Hughes promises to marry her, but he has her, Jean Peters, Debra Paget, and Mitzi Gaynor waiting in Las Vegas
she again loses a baby by Hughes
July 54 attends service every Sunday with Greg Bautzer at the Mormon Church
October 54 gives her nightclub debut at The Flamingo Hotel, Las Vegas, in a transparent dress
55 stays for a very short time with Hughes in Florida, while he fixes his medical institute
April 55 has fun with her mother and Rocky Marciano in Cuba
spends some days accompanied by her mother with the Bob Mitchums in New Orleans
goes to Spain for a lark
May 55 goes to England for Portrait of Allison
encounters the womanizing of Mike Todd at the Cannes Film Festival, where Beneath the Twelve Mile Reef is an entry
spends time the Cannes Film Festival with Daniel Cauchy
travels Spain on the invitation from handsome bullfighter Juan Posada and meets President Franco and King Hussein of Jordan
August 55 Louella Parson's hat is off to her for not standing still for those stories from London that she is "engaged" to Johnnie Ray
Conrad Hilton has her flown to Istanbul with lots of other film stars
John Wayne introduces her to his friend and CIA contact Gene McGrath, owner of the Panama Insurance Company
November 55 meets Nicky Hilton at the Victory Ball
December 55 attends Herman Hover's cocktail party for Sammy Davis at Ciro's
dates Robert Evans for three days when she's in New York for Daddy Long Legs
flies with her mother and McGrath to Panama and falls for him and the country
1 January 56 marries McGrath at the Desert Inn in Las Vegas and makes her home in Panama, where exiled Juan Peron is her neighbor and Bebe Rebozo becomes a close friend
56 lives at home with her mother, but dates Tab Hunter
Bebe Rebozo becomes her godfather
September 56 travels a lot between Panama and Hollywood
September 57 she's very much married and so in love with Gene McGrath
November 58 obtains a quick Panamanian divorce from McGrath
28/29 June 59 marries Stuart Warren Cramer III, the ex of Jean Peters, in Glendale, California
September 59 she lunches a lot with Sal Mineo, her vis-a-vis in A Private's Affair
28 July 60 her son Stuart Warren Cramer IV is born
10 November 61 her son Grant Lamar Cramer is born
7 March 70 Hughes calls her for the last time
71/72 divorces Cramer
79 marries businessman Richard Carey in Mexico; they later separate
September 83 wins a seven-year legal battle to be acknowledged as the widow of Hughes, from whom she was never divorced
details her times with Hughes in the memoir, The Beauty and the Billionaire

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