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(Judith L. Bamber)
36 is born in Ann Arbor / Dearborn, Michigan, of German-English and American Indian descent. Her father’s an engineer with the Ford Motor Company.
? attends Dearborn High School in Ypsilanti, Michigan
? starts modeling while still in high school
55 moves to California
works as a carhop, a clerk in a laundry, a baby-sitter, and a dishwasher
begins modeling and owns her own agency for a while
? models for the J.C. Penney catalog
? does live television commercials
? is discovered by Nils Thor Granlund. He sets her up with dramatic coach Joe Graham.
? attends the Warner Brothers Acting School
? her personal manager, Byron Griffin, gets her contracts with American International Pictures and Warner Brothers
February 57 is on the cover of and featured in Scan
May 57 is on the cover of Vue
July 57 is tested by Warner Brothers. She fits nicely into the blonde-bombshell niche, a lá Barbara Lang and Jayne Mansfield.
December 57 is on the cover of Glamor Parade
58 is George Fenneman’s co-host on the TV quiz show “Anybody Can Play”
c. 58 is tested by Alfred Hitchcock for his upcoming Vertigo
April 58 is on the cover of Modern Man
September 58 is featured in Scamp
Early 60s is the “Hertz Girl” for a New York ad agency
13 September 62 her son Louis I. is born in Los Angeles
64 her cat, Xerxes, is used in Monstrosity, her last film, filmed in ten days on location at a mansion on Adams Boulevard in the Hancock Park area of Los Angeles
retires to raise her family
11 November 67 marries Douglas W. McClary in California. He's 36; she's 31.
18 November 71 her son Brooks S. is born in Los Angeles
4 February 04 McClary dies at age 72 in California
04 remarries
08 resides in California
"Judy Bamber: The Beauty Behind the Atomic Brain" by Paul Parla and Charles P. Mitchell in Scary Monsters Magazine, Modern Man, Vue, Scamp, Screen Stories,
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