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10 January 37 is born in Chicago, Illinois
c. 47 she and her mother move to Los Angeles
? attends Virgil Jr High School in Los Angeles
c. Fall 56 is noted by columnist Walter Winchell as a showgirl performing at the Chanteclair, a Baltimore cabaret
Early 57 is a Latin Quarter showgirl in New York
? is a Lou Walters showgirl
57 is on the Las Vegas stage
July 57 is featured in Gala
Early December 57 lands with her attractive mother in Los Angeles, where they hope that if anything happens, it happens quickly. She reports to 20th Century-Fox executive Ben Bard and will start at the studio's school on January 4. Columnist Water Winchell reports she has been among the Broadway hopefuls for the past 3 years.
April 58 Winchell claims she's his column's "find" and will debut in MGM's Party Girl playing gun moll to Lee J. Cobb.
July 58 is featured in Scamp
c. 58 has a sequence with Jerry Lee Lewis in High School Confidential. Before the picture is released, Lewis marries a 13-year-old girl. The notoriety knocks her sequence out of the movie.
? graduates from MGM’s school of acting
? her escort is actor Steve Rowland
31 August 58 late at night, she is admitted to Cedars of Lebanon Hospital
2 September 58 is reported in serious condition suffering from an undiagnosed ailment. "Friends of the actress say she was involved in an auto accident and suffered a whiplash injury shortly before completing her work on Some Came Running."
September 58 the press tells she suffers from complications following an automobile accident. "The posies in her hospital room are from Frank Sinatra."
November 58 is featured in Follies posing scantily clad for a photo layout, “Why Men Love Plaid”
December 58 is back in the hospital with an ear abscess but expects to be out in time to finish her role in Some Came Running
columnist Hedda Hopper reports that director Vincente Minnelli likes her so much that he asks her to be in his Bells Are Ringing.
c. 59 reports to the set of Bells Are Ringing. "On the first day of shooting," she says, "I was already standing in front of the camera when someone from the front office whispered to the director. I was told I was out of the picture, that I was too sexy for the part."
films It Started with a Kiss, with Debbie Reynolds, when reports of the Debbie-Eddie-Liz triangle hit the news. Due to her resemblance to Elizabeth Taylor, only several shots of her back are used in the movie.
September 59 a virus pneumonia attack won't hold up MGM on Some Came Running. Most of her scenes have been shot on the Madison, Indiana, location.
November 59 Winchell reports that she belted out a punk who tried to get into a car with her
her deal to move into Lindsay Crosby’s one-room apartment falls through. She rents a place from Connie Gilchrist, whom she met on Some Came Running.
60 is Dean Martin's girlfriend in Ocean's Eleven when she's told that because of the impending actors strike, her 42-page role is being dropped so that the picture can be finished before the deadline. She cries when she's laid off.
? her escort is actor Steve Rowland
c. 61 her scenes in Adventures of a Young Man end up on the cutting room floor
July 61 threatens to sue a famed and wealthy gal for $1,500 for reportedly ripping a portrait of Carmen that she found in a boyfriend's apartment
February 66 her escort at the Marquis on the Sunset Strip is actor Michael Dante
March 67 actor Dick Chamberlain tells her at Los Angeles' Buggy Whip that "the average New Yorker is someone who's never seen Disneyland, a movie studio, and a parking space"
Late March 67 columnist Harrison Carroll reports: “Come June, actress Carmen Phillips and producer George Edwards are planning to try the marriage scene. They’ve been dating on and off for three years, and she was in his last Universal picture, Games. ‘The only thing we don’t have in common,’ Carmen told me, ‘is that our dogs don’t get along.’ ‘I asked her and she said yes,’ declared George. ‘We’ll probably be married in June when we go up to the San Francisco preview of Games. As of now, actress Marianne Osborne will be the maid of honor.’ Carmen never has been married before. George was once when he was 16. It was a briefie.’”
January 68 she and Robert Vaughn are a duo at Tracton's in Los Angeles
April 68 is seen at Tracton's with Jeff Parker
68 marries David C. Morin
October 68 divorces Morin in Los Angeles
Early November 68 columnist Harrison Carroll tells that “it will be a divorce instead of a reported annulment for actress Carmen Phillips and estranged husband David Morin. They signed a property settlement.”
is seen at Dan Tana’s with producer George Edwards
Mid-November 68 is seen at Tracton’s with Steve Peck
December 68 is reported taking her mother to Chicago. “Carmen’s home here will be torn down to make way for a high rise apartment...”
? becomes an ardent animal rights activist
90s lives at 24425 Skyview Ridge Drive, Murrieta, California
22 September 02 as Carmen Phillips, she dies at age 65 in Hollywood, California, of lung cancer
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