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24 October 31 is born in Detroit. Her father is Robert Pierce, an auto company executive.
? upon graduation, she trains as a nurse at New York's Bellevue Hospital for three years
? quits her nursing education to become a model
? attends a New York drama school for 18 months
May 56 columnist Dorothy Kilgallen thinks that "Maggie Pierce, a loser in the last 'Rheingold Girl' contest, has found a major consolation prize - millionaire realtor Henry Epstein..."
? gets her chance in Hollywood when movie scouts spot her in a television commercial / is discovered in a plush Beverly Hills spaghetti parlor
March 57 is a "Rheingold" contest loser but gets a Paramount screen test
c. 59 signs a long-term contract with MGM
January 59 makes her friends wonder if she and Bob Neal will marry in Europe
? Bob Neal shifts from her to Debbie Reynolds
May 59 welcomes agent Irving Lazar upon his return from Europe
August 59 is seen around with actor Troy Donahue
September 59 attends George Hamilton's 20th birthday gala with Buddy Bregman
the new romance in her life is Sam Young, Jr. His wealthy Texan father is a member on the board of Hilton hotels.
October 59 columnist Mike Connolly reports that she took over the unused year on Cathy Crosby's apartment lease
9 November 59 is among the 1959 Hollywood Deb stars presented by Bob Hope on his NBC-TV show. The others are Carol Douglas, Diane McBain, Yvette Mimieux, Leslie Parrish, Barbara Lawson, Linda Hutchins, Pamela Duncan, Shirley Knight and Sherry Jackson.
December 59 is photographed with Wisconsin football Badgers Bob Zeman and Jerry Stalcup, who visit her TV series set in Hollywood
c. 60 having nine days off before she has to report for a TV role, she grabs a plane to Egypt to "see a few things before they were covered up by the water from that new Aswan Dam"
January 60 dates Sandy Whitelaw, the beau of actress Jane Fonda
is heralded to co-star opposite Lew Ayres in the upcoming "Dr. Kildare" TV series
May 60 is seen at the 7 Chefs with actor Mark Damon
June 60 Mark Damon will take her to the Palm Springs charity premiere of The Fall of the House of Usher
August 60 is seen at the Luau with Bruce Kessler
November 60 does retakes with her former fiancé, Bob Neal
April 61 is a new twosome with Wesley Ruggles, Jr.
August 61 columnist Walter Winchell reports that she "jets from the Coast twice a month to make sure Alan Grant doesn't get lost..."
October 61 Winchell thinks she and Hope Lange's brother David "act very much like the average Elopemental Case..."
December 61 columnist Harrison Carroll notes her at the Crescendo in a party with Glenn Ford, David Lange, and Joanna Moore
62 writer Richard Matheson will remember her being terrible while filming Tales of Terror
May 63 is seen out with actress Hope Lange's brother David, a writer
c. 66 marries real estate billionaire Jerry Minskoff in Las Vegas
October 66 her husband Minskoff establishes Nevada residence for a divorce. Columnist Walter Winchell writers: “We had him wed too early to Maggie Pierce.”
November 66 columnist Harrison Carroll notes her with Minskoff at the Daisy Club: "He told me his divorce should be final in December and that he and Maggie the will be married. Sitting with them were that blonde doll, Joanna Moore, and Ron Preissman."
February 67 Winchell reports her to be the secret Vegas bride of trillionaire J. Minskoff
c. 24 May 67 her first daughter is born in New York
Late January 77 she and her husband are noted dining at Trader's Vic with Lynn Redgrave and her husband
December 79 admits that her smoking might have some bad effects, but it has the virtue of ridding her of bores. A few puffs and they disappear.
13 August 94 becomes the widow of Broadway producer Jerome Minskoff, who dies at age 78 in London of a heart attack. He is survived by her, a son, two daughters, and two brothers. He had lived in New York and London.
05 as Maggie P. Minskoff, she resides in New York
5 April 10 dies at age 78 in Ridgefield, Connecticut
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