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Dolores Reed
Dolores Reed
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c. 33 is born in New York / Detroit
? is engaged to a young dancer
? dances in the road company of Sid Caesar's Broadway musical Little Me
57 is the centerfold in Bare
Spring 58 is featured in Modern Man Quarterly #II
July 58 is George Fenneman's assistant on ABC-TV's quiz program "Anybody Can Play"
November 58 is the centerfold in 21
January 59 columnist Walter Winchell reports that "Tommy Manville would marry Dolores Reed (of Lou Costello's act) but she is very fussy..."
February 59 is Frolic's "Miss 1959"
July 60 is seen at El Morocco with TV's Wyatt Earp, Hugh O'Brian
columnist Dorothy Kilgallen writes: "Hugh O'Brian's date at the Hob Nob hideaway was cover girl Dolores Reed"
September 62 is on the cover of Modern Man
February 65 is featured in Sir!
is still single
Late 60s dies in Las Vegas
Timothy Barton, Sir!, Charleston Daily Mail, The Lima News, The Coshocton Tribune
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