Greg Bautzer Profile

Greg Bautzer
Greg Bautzer
(Gregson Edward Bautzer)
3 April 11 is born in California. His mother’s maiden name is Buckoudt.
? gets a law degree
38 meets aspiring actress Lana Turner; she will later claim he was her first love
becomes engaged to Lana, but she breaks it off to marry bandleader Artie Shaw
c. 39 is so in love with actress Dorothy Lamour
becomes engaged to Lamour, but WWII interferes with their romance when she meets handsome captain Bill Howard during one of her cross-country tours, to set a record for war bond sales. She will marry Howard in 1943.
September 40 arranges Lana’s divorce from Shaw
April 44 when Lana sues husband number two, Steve Crane, for divorce, Bautzer represents her
? begins representing billionaire Howard Hughes in movie matters
? marries 19-year-old Buffy Cobb Chapman
c. 45 divorces Chapman, who will soon start dating Victor Mature
c. 45 has an intense and much publicized affair with Joan Crawford. Bautzer will be immortalized as "Uncle Greg" in the 1981 biographical film, Mommie Dearest.
December 46 rumors fly that he may be Joan Crawford’s next husband
48 dates Ginger Rogers after her divorce from Jack Briggs. He represents her legally, too.
December 49 works on Ingrid Bergman’s divorce from Dr. Aron Petter Lindström
October 50 there are rumors that he has split up with Ginger Rogers
? is briefly engaged to aspiring starlet Barbara Payton
May 52 is out with actress Terry Moore at Romanoff's. Soon he asks her to choose between him and his client, Howard Hughes.
c. 52 is the love interest of actress Jane Wyman
November 53 attends a party thrown by John Carroll and Lucille Ryman, with Mari Blanchard
August 55 at Cobina Wright’s cocktail party in honor of Madame Wellington Koo, he gets the telephone number of English newcomer Dana Wynter
10 June 56 marries 25-year-old Berlin-born actress Dana Wynter in Carmel, California
June 56 the Bautzers enjoy their honeymoon in Honolulu, while Greg’s hometown friends bid for his little black book, with all those lovely phone numbers
December 57 offers a reward of 300 pounds for the return of the little Yorkshire that he gave to Dana
29 January 60 his son, Mark Ragan Bautzer, is born
61 represents Howard Hughes in the sale of TWA
64 separates from Dana Wynter
June 65 is out with Dana Wynter
70s is a partner with Los Angeles’ Wyman, Bautzer, Christensen, Kuchel & Silbert
81 divorces Wynter
? represents investor Kirk Kerkorian in his takeover of MGM
? marries Nicola “Niki” Dantine, daughter of Nicholas M. Schenck, the former president of Loew’s Inc. She was formerly married to Austrian-born actor Helmut Dantine, with whom she had two children.
26 October 87 dies at age 76 of heart failure at his Beverly Hills home while dressing to go to work. His wife, Nicola D. Bautzer, survives.
is interred in Los Angeles
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