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(Barbara Ruth Rogers)
19 April 18 is born in Tracy, California, to Emory H. and Eleanor Rogers, nee Wanlass
? moves with her parents to Livingston, Montana, and later to Billings
Early '30s studies drama at Billings High School and plays leading roles in school plays. She also participates in oratory contests. An apt student of the piano, she wins several prizes for her playing. She also enjoys bowling, swimming, skating, skiing, and riding.
graduates from Billings High with the highest honors. She is given but does not use a scholarship to the University of Montana.
c. 35 moves with her family to Spokane. Her father is a Northern Pacific electrician, and the family home is at 1631 West Pacific Avenue.
37 enters a beauty contest in Spokane, Washington, hoping to win a screen test, but loses. She returns to her job as a cashier at the State Theatre.
Fall 37 talent scouts Ted Lesser and James Moore are in Spokane during the Bing Crosby talent contest and by word of mouth learn about the stunning gray-eyed, blonde cashier at the State. They bring her to Hollywood and give her a screen test, and she is given a contract by Paramount Studios.
Late 37-38 is 5'-5", weighs 115 pounds, and lives in a Hollywood apartment with a chum from Spokane
11 February 38 is among eight young actresses signed by Paramount. The others are Helen Walker, Pasadena; Lola Jensen, Salt Lake City; Laurie Lane, New Orleans; Joyce Matthews, New York; Barbara Jackson, Pasadena; Barbara Salisbury, Oakland; and Yvonne Duval, Paris, France.
September 39 she and fellow starlets Kathleen McCormack, Kay Stewart, and Jean Phillips promote Rulers of the Seas by accompanying two scale models of ocean vessels on a tour to 500 towns
March 40 she and fellow Paramount actress Virginia Dale appear in Mademoiselle magazine "wearing clever new spring dresses designed and manufactured by Utah's most progressive dress factory, Utah Tailoring Mills"
the press tells that she "will promise to love, honor and obey Currell Foster of Seattle sometime this spring"
May 40 is pictured with Taisto Maki, Finland's great distance runner, who is training for a Finish relief meet
August 40 poses for Lois Leeds beauty and exercise advise in local newspapers
? marries Carroll Foster
9 October 53 as Barbara Ruth Foster, she dies in Seattle, Washington. She is survived by her husband, Carroll Foster, program director at radio station KIRO, and her son, Carroll Foster, III, of Billings, Montana.
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