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Eva Schauland
Eva Schauland
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(Eva Mauerhoff)
Early 35 is born in Danzig, Poland. Her father, Kurt Mauerhoff, owns a tapestry store. which has 34 employees.
43 her father dies in an accident with three of her siblings
February 45 escapes with her mother to Wismar, Germany, where they find shelter with one of her mother's girlfriends
? joins the children’s ballet in Wismar. Her teacher, 50-year-old Hans-Heino Wendenhoefer, will eventually marry her mother and move with them to Stassfurt, Saxony.
c. 49 moves to Schwerin at age 14 to attend the Dance Conservatory
49 is to enroll in the Hiller-Girls in West Germany, but director Christian Will talks her into joining his theatre in Leipzig
during a rehearsal for Boccaccio, she’s spotted by West German operetta tenor Heinz Schauland
frequently dates Schauland. He will soon dismiss his former, elder girlfriend.
moves with Schauland to Dresden
February 53 Schauland flees East Germany with his yacht and leaves Eva in Dresden
Spring 53 leaves East Germany, too, and follows Schauland to Luebeck
4 April 53 marries Schauland in Hamburg-Uhlenhort, West Germany, in a civil ceremony. The honeymooners spend the evening at the local cinema watching The Snows of Kilimanjaro.
frequently wanders the East Sea shore in Travemuende and watches her husband perform at the local theater. In between, she‘s a hairstyle model for Schwarzkopf in Hamburg.
January 54 joins the ballet in Luebeck
when Schauland is appointed to the City Theater Karlsruhe, she joins the cabaret in Dortmund
while her husband settles in Pforzheim, she tours the country, including Amsterdam, Holland. She sends home approximately DM 800 per month.
c. 56 is discovered by TV director Kurt Wilhelm and has a single line in a TV cabaret
Early 57 dances at the Bongo nightclub in Munich and spends her free time at Martin Katz's fashionable Opernespresso at Maximilianstrasse 8, where she’s noticed by Munich electro chain heir and playboy hotelier, James Graser. He’s approximately 35; she’s 22.
is a dancer in the French-German co-production, Casino de Paris, at a rate of DM 100 a day. For ten days, Graser drives her to the studio in Geiselgasteig, near Munich, in his Jaguar.
August 58 divorces Schauland at the Countrycourt Karlsruhe and moves in with Graser at his ABC-hotel at Schillerstrasse, near Munich’s central station
at a Munich nightspot, Graser introduces her to sexploitation director-producer Wolfgang (Wolf C.) Hartwig. Hartwig, who doesn’t know about her affair with Graser, invites her to spend some days with him in Salzburg, Austria.
Hartwig casts her for his upcoming Sehnsucht hat mich verfuehrt. Some scenes will be banned in South America due to nudity.
in Dortmund, she meets music producer Mendelson, who signs her to an apprenticeship with Polydor record company, at DM 1,200 per month
has an uncredited appearance in Hartwig’s Die Nackte und der Satan, a.k.a. A Head for the Devil
? becomes engaged to Graser and has high hopes for marriage
February 59 during a short job with the West German Radio in Cologne, she learns that in the meantime Graser became engaged to starlet Lilo Eichberg, sister of actress Helga Martin
when she writes Graser that they are through, he dismisses Eichberg, who returns to her dancing job in Las Vegas
has an uncredited appearance in Du gehoerst mir, a.k.a. Your Body Belongs to Me
? is seen dancing with Sexploitation publisher Schmitz
August 59 her apprenticeship with Polydor ends
is off to Porec on the Croatian coast, Yugoslavia, for the filming of Ein Toter hing im Netz, a.k.a. Horrors of Spider Island. On location, she starts a torrid love affair with co-star Rainer Brandt, despite being engaged to Graser. He seeks comfort at Munich’s Opernespresso with Danish import, starlet Vivi Bach.
60 has an uncredited appearance in Endstation Rote Laterne
c. 60 writer-producer Baron Aldo von Pinelli considers her for one of his upcoming musical movies
July 61 is featured in Parade
Martin Katz, Bild
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