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G. David Schine
G. David Schine
(Gerard David Schine)
11 September 27 is born to a wealthy New York family. His mother’s maiden name is Feldman.
? writes an eight-page booklet called “Definition of Communism,” which he places in the hotels his family owns
54 is good friends with Roy M. Cohn, Senator Joseph McCarthy’s chief counsel
starts as an unpaid consultant for McCarthy’s committee
when he is drafted and comes close to being sent to Korea, Cohn attempts to get him an official assignment on the committee. Unable to pull the necessary strings, Cohn resorts to intimidate the Secretary of the Army, Robert Stevens. Charges and countercharges of bribery fly. The Army accuses Cohn of threatening to investigate their ranks unless Private Schine gets a cushy assignment. Cohn maintains that the Army is holding Schine “hostage” until Cohn agrees to ignore its infiltration by Communists.
April 54 McCarthy’s committee starts a two-month investigation of the Army. 20 million viewers see the dramatic encounters between McCarthy, Special Counsel for the Army Joseph N. Welch, Counselor for the Army John G. Adams, and Roy Cohn. This will be the beginning of McCarthy's downfall.
eventually Cohn's unwavering devotion to Schine suggests that they are lovers, though Cohn is probably just infatuated with the handsome young man.
May 55 dates actress Piper Laurie
June 55 is suspected of being secretly married to Piper
July 55 Piper insists that she has absolutely no intention of running off to Alaska to marry him before his Army discharge. If there is a marriage, it will be arranged properly by the parents.
December 55 is manager of the Los Angeles Ambassador Hotel
57 marries 23-year-old "Miss Universe" of 1955, Swedish-born Hillevi Rombin
4 February 62 his son, Frederick Berndt, is born in Florida
71 becomes a movie producer
19 June 96 dies at age 68 in an airplane crash along with his wife and son Berndt, who is piloting their private plane. Following an engine failure seconds after takeoff from Burbank Airport, the plane crashes in a field adjacent to the freeway while attempting an emergency landing.
"You're Outta Here," Photoplay, Movie Life, Motion Picture, Modern Screen,
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