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(Emma Matzo)
29 September 22/23 is born in Scranton, Pennsylvania, one of six children, to an English father and a Russian mother / to immigrants from Ungvar, Czechoslovakia
? moves to Manhattan to study at the Alvienne School of Dramatics for 18 months and becomes a fashion model to support herself
43 models for Harper's Bazaar
22 September 43 while celebrating her birthday at the Stork Club, she runs into Irving Hoffman, legman for columnist Walter Winchell, who suggests she meet his friend, producer Hal B. Wallis
44 Paramount studio publicity tags her "The Threat"
45 is often seen with her boss Wallis at social events but has no publicized romances, real or manufactured
July 49 debuts in Anna Lucasta at the McCarter Theatre, Princeton, New Jersey
October 51 she doesn't hate men, but she knows what she wants
December 51 does an advertisement for Jergens Lotion
April 53 is continuously asked why she's isn't a flamboyant part of the social set
25 September 54 a front-page story in Confidential magazine nearly ends her career when her name is linked to lesbianism and "the little black books kept by Hollywood prostitutes"
25 July 55 her attorney Jerry Giesler institutes a $2.5 million suit against Confidential, but further developments regarding the suit fail to materialize in any newspaper
November 55 is off to England to forget Hollywood and to film The Weapon
Late 57 records an LP album, Lizabeth Sings
60s is occasionally spotted at a Hollywood premiere
62 after the death of his wife, Louise Fazenda, there are rumors she may wed producer Hal B. Wallis, who will later marry actress Martha Hyer
January 64 is the companion of Laurence Harvey at James Darren's Coconut Grove debut
Late 60s her name appears in a lawsuit filed by the sister of late oilman William Lafayette Dugger, Jr., of San Antonio. Described in his will as "my fiancee," she's named for a substantial inheritance, but is eventually removed as a beneficiary in 1971.
73 is off to Malta to film Pulp, in which she plays an aristocratic nymphomania
31 January 15 dies at age 92 of congestive heart failure in Los Angeles
The Paramount Pretties by James Robert Parish, Movie Stars of the '40s by David Ragan, Silver Screen, Modern Screen, Confidential, Movie Life
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