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20 September 33 is born in San Antonio, Texas, to Kirk Howard Sharpe and his wife Dorothy, nee Shrout
? in summer, she goes to California to study skating / goes to Hollywood as a professional ice skater
46 sees The Jolson Story forty-eight times. Eventually, lead Larry Parks signs her autograph book at the Beverly Hills Hotel.
? tries to be discovered at Schwab's Drug Store like Lana Turner allegedly was
c. 50 tests for MGM at age 16 or 17 and fails
15 June 51 graduates from Hollywood Professional School
? tests at Columbia for Saturday's Hero, but the producer eventually casts his wife, actress Donna Reed, for the part
? tests for Universal and fails
? her agent, Leon Lance, has several photos of her done, and she becomes a cover girl
52 her magazine photos get her a part in Army Bound
meets casting director Lynn Stalmaster while testing for the television series "Big Town" and falls for him. They almost marry.
53 meets actress Jan Sterling while filming The Vanquished. She will become her mentor.
January 53 poses with 82-year-old actress Gertrude W. Hoffman, who's with her in the TV series "My Little Margie." Hoffman began her acting career the same year Karen was born.
54 tests opposite young actor John Smith for The High and the Mighty
is the favorite photographic subject of glamour photographer Paul Hesse
November 54 is a newcomer to stardom on the Wayne-Fellows contract list. She admits she didn't get her breaks through TV, "but I learned how to be at ease before the camera. I learned how to come through as an actress in the shortest time possible. They throw a script at you two days before they're ready to shoot. You have to be good."
December 54 columnist Walter Winchell announces her photo in the upcoming Pageant with "Danger! Curves Ahead!"
receives a mink stole for Christmas, presented by her real daddy
January 55 is escorted by Smith to the premiere of A Star is Born
gives rule for a happy marriage: "Right now, as an actress, I wouldn't make a good wife."
August 55 dates Mark Damon, newest sigh of Hollywood's cutest bobby-soxers, like fellow starlets Beverly Tyler and Natalie Wood
1 October 55 is named a "Deb Star of 1955," together with Cathy Crosby, Anita Ekberg, Lilian Montevecchi, Jody Lawrence, Mara Corday, Lori Nelson, Tracey Morgan, Marisa Pavan, Kip Hamilton, and Gloria Thomas
November 55 is still the favorite girl of actor Perry Lopez, who was also recently seen with actress Marisa Pavan
January 56 returns to New York
June 56 is a veteran of the NBC daytime "Matinee Theater" shows, having already starred in eight of them
December 56 actor Victor Mature proposes to her
July 57 columnist Lee Mortimer thinks her blaze with Mark Damon "lights up the coast"
is an item with Bob Neal before his shift to socialite-actress Pamela Curran
End 57 marries actor Chester Stevens, "Chet," Marshall. He's 25; she's 20.
18 March 58 she and actress Natalie Wood assist at the opening of Wil Wright's new ice-cream parlor
August 58 columnist Lee Mortimer reports that she's "sharp about Martin Miller, and I promise, never again"
59 is cast by her old friend, producer Aaron Spelling, for the female lead in his upcoming television series "Johnny Ringo"
September 59 she and actor George Nader enjoy luncheon at the Tahitian in Studio City
February 60 gives beauty hints advising "Let moderation be your guide."
28 January 61 she and Marshall separate
30 March 62 attends the party thrown by famed couturier, Princess Marusia, at the Peppermint West in Hollywood. Among the guests are Terry Moore, Eric Fleming, Carolyn Jones and Aaron Spelling, Mrs. Johnny Green, Mrs. Van Johnson, Mickey Callan, Jody McCrea, and Ty Hardin.
Early September 62 columnist Earl Wilson reports that she's president of three corporations in San Antonio, Texas
18 September 62 gets a divorce from Marshall in Los Angeles. Marshall will die brutally murdered in his home in 1974 - a crime still unsolved.
64 meets producer Stanley Kramer while filming The Disorderly Orderly
December 64 gives a beauty hint saying "Try ice skating if you want pretty legs."
June 65 the press reports that she left the movies for economic enterprises in West Texas, which she sold at a profit and returned to Hollywood. She inherited an aluminum siding business, a moving and storage company and an air conditioning firm in San Antonio when her father died.
September 65 will star in the first production of Raquel Welch's new company, No Place for the Dead
1 September 66 marries producer-director Stanley Kramer, former husband of Anne Pearce Kramer and Marilyn Erskine, in a small ceremony at Kramer's home in Beverly Hills. He's 50; she's 30. Each has been married before. Kramer brings with him two children, Casey and Larry, from his previous marriage to Anne Pearce. The ceremony is performed by the Reverend John J. Hinkle of Unity Church, Inglewood. The couple delays a honeymoon but will go to Europe later. Announcement of the wedding is made the day after.
? her daughter Katharine, "Kat," Kramer is born. She will become a child actress and later a singer-producer.
? her daughter Jennifer Kramer is born. She will become an actress.
78 the Kramers move to the Seattle area
20 February 01 becomes the widow of Kramer. Besides her, Kramer is survived by daughters Katherine, Jennifer and Casey; and his son, Larry.
? returns to Beverly Hills to oversee their production company, International Films, and the Kramer Library Group
September 02 reacts with angry criticism to TV's documentary "Darkness at High Noon: The Carl Foreman Documents" made by Emmy-nominated writer-director Lionel Chetwynd about the blacklisted screenwriter, director Stanley Kramer, and the production of High Noon. Drawing heavily on a 1952 letter from Foreman to The New York Times film critic Bosley Crowther, the program alleges that Kramer failed to support Foreman and deprived the imperiled writer of full credit for High Noon. Karen dismisses the film as a "fraud" distorted by politics.
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