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(Elsy H. Steinberg)
31 May 30 is born in Montclair, New Jersey, of German descent; one of five children of police officer Ulrich Steinberg and housewife Hedwig Maria Steinberg
c. 42 jobs as an usherette at the age of 13
? works as a medical assistant
48 makes it as a Conover model
52 is "Miss SEE" of SEE magazine
February 52 is seen at the Tallyho with actor Scott Brady
c. 52 dates young actor Robert Evans
Evans flies out to Hollywood with a ring to ask her to marry him and when he rings her doorbell, she’s in the company of Scott Brady, and answers wearing a towel.
April 52 is often seen with Ted Briskin, the Chicago camera manufacturer and ex of actress-singer Betty Hutton
May 52 does an uncredited advertisement for Palmolive
June 52 is seen at Bob Dalton's with photographer Dan De Wan
July 52 attends opening with man-about-town Scott Brady
is the new girl for Scott Brady
c. 53 is crowned "Miss Etc." and the "Girl We’d Like To"
March 53 all the boys are after her for a date, but her favorite escort is bit player Joseph "Joe" Waring. She and Waring are seen at the Encore Room. Joe will have a bit part in her upcoming The Adventures of Hajji Baba.
is seen at LaRue with fellow newcomer and former studio office boy, Richard Anderson
April 53 wears toreador pants to a premiere she attends with comedian Joe E. Brown
May 53 dates young actor Robert Evans at the Plymouth House
June 53 gets the part of a neurotic war widow in Take the High Ground when Eleanor Parker is forced out
is seen at the Encore Room with Joe Waring
shops for a fire-engine red convertible with leopard skin seat covers
July 53 is seen at the Mocambo with disc jockey Johnny Grant
is quite a Hollywood duo with actor John Hodiak, currently divorced from actress Anne Baxter
August 53 is seen at the Bantam Cock with Johnny Grant. There are rumors he might marry her, to which he replies, "I certainly would like, but we're just friends."
attends the premiere of The Band Wagon with actor Gig Young
dazzles Hollywood with an engagement solitaire, but she denies she's engaged
is given the full star treatment by MGM for her tour for Take the High Ground. She has an all white wardrobe created by Helen Rose, including five evening gowns, two suits, four cocktail dresses, three bathing suits and one evening wrap. After the tour the studio will present the clothes to her as a gift.
September 53 is among Hollywood’s new deb stars introduced at a splashy party tossed by Hollywood hair stylists and make-up experts. The others are Barbara Darrow, Kathleen Hughes, Marilyn Novak, Pat Crowley, Ann Francis, Joan Weldon, Marjie Millar, Doe Avedon, Sara Shane, and TV actresses Joan O'Brien and Dona Cole.
is named "The Girl They'd Most Like To Be In A Cave With" by 100,000 male tourists who visited the five-story Meramec Caverns in Stanton, Missouri
November 53 is yakking it up with Scott Brady at Ciro's
gets bad reviews for her appearance with Lauren Bacall and Donald O'Connor on the "Comedy Hour." Columnist Erskine Johnson comments that there's no place on TV for movie queens who can't sing, dance, jiggle, or do card tricks, unless they are given good material.
is a new twosome with Gig Young
Early December 53 in St. Louis, she and disc jockey Curt Ray are asked if they are married; their reply, "Not yet." Curt took her to Illinois to meet his brothers. His parents are dead.
December 53 declares she won't marry Curt. "He's a darling. I've known him six months, but I've worked too hard for a career to rush into matrimony unless I’m absolutely certain. I started as an usherette at the age of 13; worked up to cashier in the same theater; then assisted a bone doctor before getting a modeling job which set me on my way. I wouldn't fool you, I love my career."
a photo of her in Movieland magazine hits the columns for being snazzy. She wears a red swimsuit.
she and Joe Waring are duetching
January 54 her St. Louis admirer, Curt Ray, is expected to visit her in Hollywood, but she doesn't know when because she's going to be busy filming Brigadoon and with her upcoming loan-out to RKO
February 54 is the most popular girl in town with Carl Neiberg, Travis Kleefeld, and Gig Young
March 54 is on the cover of See
May 54 the press suspects her linkage to Dr. Herman Platt doesn't add to more than a few points above zero. Her real heart belongs to a top movie executive.
a film periodical breathlessly reveals that she writes with perfumed ink
June 54 her man since last Thanksgiving is radio executive and announcer Curt Ray, son of a lumber king
dates Joe Waring
September 54 will be grand marshal of the "Miss America" parade in Atlantic City
she and Johnny Grant rezoom after a two-month chill
October 54 is a frequent guest at Sardi's, New York's famous eating spot
is seen around with Bob Evans, the young textillionaire
December 54 says of her date, Dr. Herman Platt, "One of these days we'll just up and get married." He's 41; she's 24.
January 55 is seen doing the Hollywood glamour emporiums with her eager escort, Bob Evans
14 - 30 January 55 is among a delegation of 14 Hollywood stars who represent the American film industry at the film festival in Uruguay. Others are Dorothy McGuire and Van Johnson.
19 February 55 is off to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to enjoy the four days of annual carnival celebrations before the start of Lent Wednesday. Ginger Rogers and "Miss Universe," Miriam Stevenson, are also in Rio.
26 February 55 still in Rio, after complaining of sudden pains, she is taken in the night to Strangers Hospital, where she undergoes an operation for removal of her appendix and a ruptured cyst
End February 55 is well enough to leave Brazil by boat for New York. She will spend a few days with her parents in New Jersey before returning to Hollywood.
May 55 frequently visits the Fairchild's in Hollywood
is writing a book about the sea
June 55 there are rumors that a New York playboy is trying desperately to borrow enough money to get to Brazil so he can try to talk her out of marrying her South American fiancé. The frantic lad dated Elaine on and off for several years and figures if he could just get down there for one last pitch, he could save the ball game for the home team.
July 55 a wealthy Latin American millionaire and a serious operation were the reasons she's been away from movie town and in South America so long
is back together with Dr. Herman Platt, dining at the Ready Room
c. Fall 55 tests for Crystal Allen in The Opposite Sex, but Joan Collins gets the part. Now Elaine wants out of MGM.
December 55 Photoplay's Sidney Skolsky is asking: "Whatever became of Elaine Stewart?"
she and Platt are expected to honeymoon in South America by New Year's Eve
56 her career slows down when she takes the extended South American trip
her measurements are 34-25-36
April 56 may leave MGM because she lost her part in The Opposite Sex to Joan Collins
speaks German and French
wins her part in Night Passage when Mara Corday’s husband, Richard Long, turns down the offer for his wife
Late April 56 the Santa Monica Outlook claims she and Platt are man and wife
July 56 after four years, she looks for jobs outside MGM. Her press agent puts her as a paper doll in two trade papers and her telephone rings immediately. "I had an offer to do two weeks of summer stock in the East in Bus Stop at $1,500 a week. Hecht-Lancaster wanted me for Sweet Smell of Success with the possibility of a nonexclusive contract if I could get out of MGM. There were several other offers and feelers too. Publicity - it's wonderful! I am sold on it 100 percent."
September 56 is at Universal-International with a two-picture-a-year deal starting with The Tattered Dress. The studio changes her hair color from auburn to quicksilver blonde, and she adjusts her whole life to a new motif - silver. "All my jewelry is silver. I have a new silver Mercedes to drive and a silver poodle named Cliquot. I use silver nail polish and eat off silver dishes. And I sleep in a silver bed."
November 56 negotiates on her own to buy a television station
en route to Universal-International for Night Passage, her car is crashed into from behind, and she has to be treated for a wrenched neck.
January 57 her escort at a Hollywood benefit show for underprivileged children is actor John Agar
July 57 will accompany the Inter-Faith tour to Europe and Russia
October 57 during her stay in Europe, the Duke of Bedford becomes smitten with her. She's there making movies and TV films.
58 films The Most Dangerous Man Alive in Mexico; it’s an eight-day quickie
March 58 gets almost killed while filming High Hell
has four oil wells in Texas, real estate, and a seaside restaurant in Malibu
April 58 she and Platt shop for a house. "We do," she confirms, "but separately. I think Dr. Platt definitely will buy a place. I am not sure about myself. I may invest in some apartment units."
there are rumors she's the reason why Victor Mature and British siren Joy Urwick haven't married yet
August 58 she and Platt are invited to join General Rafael "Ramfis" Trujillo in San Diego for a dinner party prior to the General’s departure. They decline. "We attended one of his parties while the yacht was here," she says, "but couldn't get away this time, so we sent our regards instead."
September 58 Jimmy Demarest, chivalrous Texan and golf pro at the Concord, offers to teach her golf
singer Dick Roman flips over her when he meets her Labor Day weekend
59 films The Most Dangerous Man Alive in Mexico. Her co-star Debra Paget will remember her as a lot of fun to work with.
April 59 she and Platt decide to call off their romance after going steady for five years. They often were rumored to be secretly wed, but she says they never were. Platt will start dating Canadian ballerina Shelley Kaplan, Israeli actress Ziva Rodann, and actress Pamela Mason. He will die at age 81 in 1994 in Los Angeles.
her escort to the Little Club is Manny Frank, where they listen to Carol Brent
19 June 59 is badly bitten on the jaw by a German shepherd in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Appel, her tenants and friends. The attack occurs while she is watching television. She has to be treated at Doctor's Hospital in Beverly Hills and is unsure about her future career.
June 59 dates Manny Frank at the Captain's Table
July 59 moves in with Gita Hall, the ex of actor Barry Sullivan, and plans either to go to New York for a vacation or to fly to Hawaii to look over property. Gita and Barry take her out on the town, and they end up at The Cloister to hear the Mary Kaye Trio.
August 59 lunches at Eldorado with Manny Frank and Hal Stanley
September 59 raises some eyebrows by posing nude in Playboy
October 59 she and Bill Carter start that thing known as "First the Laughter and Then the Tears." Arthur William Carter is a part-time actor and freshly divorced from Trink Wiman Carter, the Deere farm machinery heiress. Their divorce was the talk of the town.
gets her first job since she was bitten by a dog and had plastic surgery. She will play Arnold Rothstein's girlfriend Monica Drake in The Life and Death of Legs Diamond.
is ordered to appear in Denver's traffic court to answer charges of impeding traffic. She was posing on a rock in the middle of a river for publicity photographers when so many male motorists showed up or stopped to see her in her skin-tight apparel that traffic on the river bridge came to a halt
19 November 59 sues her tenants, Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Appel, for $150,000 claiming she suffered a permanent tear on her lower lip when bitten by their dog while watching television in their living room
November 60 is expected to marry Bill Carter
Christmas 60 is on location in Zagreb, Yugoslavia, for the filming of Le Sette sfide, a.k.a. The Seven Challenges. The company moved out of Rome because of rain, and work on the picture was held up two weeks because she had such a violent reaction to a tetanus shot, which she got before going oversees, that she was paralyzed from the waist down. In fact she has to be carried off the plane in Rome.
January 61 her fiancé, Bill Carter, flies to Yugoslavia to be with her
March 61 she and Carter are houseguests of Prince Alfonso Hohenlohe and his mother in Marbella, Spain, while she waits for the starting date of her Italian picture
30 December 61 marries Bill Carter in a civil ceremony in the town hall of Chiavenna, Italy
March 62 will do another Italian movie when she finishes her honeymoon in the Alps with Carter
May 62 her jewels are stolen from their hotel room in Rome the night before she and Carter leave for Beirut, Lebanon
June 62 she and Carter return from Rome. Her husband announces he will produce films with Stanley Rumbaugh, husband of socialite-actress Dina Merrill.
December 62 is seen with Carter at New York's fashionable El Morocco looking at actress Jill St. John and fashion designer Oleg Cassini doing the bossa nova
February 63 is in Los Angeles court again for the lawsuit against Appel and his former wife, Martha Lemaster. Elaine still claims $150,000 for the June 19, 1959, dog bite.
April 63 is seen at the Yankee Peddler Inn with Alfred Karlsen
July 63 wishes Carter would keep his pledge concerning the divorce
30 December 63 gets her divorce from Carter in Los Angeles on their second wedding anniversary. He's 45; she's 29. She testifies Carter was "given to violent rages," struck her, and several times tried to choke her. Asked about her husband's occupation, she says she had urged Carter to go to work, but: "He didn't come up with anything." Carter doesn’t contest her suit. Carter will die in 1995.
31 December 64 marries TV producer Merrill E. Heatter, son of the late newscaster Gabriel Heatter, in Los Angeles. He's 39; she's 34. Heatter and his partner Bob Quingley produce the game shows "Hollywood Squares," "P.D.Q.," and "Temptation."
4 September 65 her son, Stewart C., is born in Los Angeles
December 67 driving in their Rolls Royce down a steep Hollywood hill, she and Heatter are sideswiped by a car out of control. She suffers back and neck injuries, and their Rolls sustains $2,500 worth of damage.
14 July 70 her daughter, Gabrielle F., is born in Los Angeles
October 72 returns to work and appears on the daily game show "Gambit." The press notes that as a mother of two she is perhaps more beautiful than she was as a starlet. She explains her secret: "When I was under contract to Metro I was careful about my lifestyle. I drove an old wreck of a car and shared a small apartment with a girlfriend. We each paid $75 a month rent. I put my earnings in the bank and invested in some real estate. Let's say I was doing all right when I got married."
06 the Heatters reside in Beverly Hills
27 June 11 her agent Fred Wostbrock announces that she passed away at her Beverly Hills home following a long illness. She is survived by her husband and two children, Stewart and Gabrielle.
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