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25 November 32 is born in Glasgow, Scotland. Her father, James Swanson, is a businessman.
? her parents immigrate to South Africa, but she decides to stay behind in Britain
? is educated at schools and convents in Scotland, before going to Paris to study ballet
51 is the lead in the Drury Lane production of Carousel
? plays and studies with repertory companies at Hornchurch and Windsor
c. 52 there’s a much-publicized kiss from Errol Flynn at the London airport and there’s talk of Flynn giving her a contract, but she says no
53 photographer Baron places her on his list of the world’s ten most beautiful women
55 makes her TV debut in Great Britain, even though she has already acted and danced in a series of six films made for American television
4 June 55 is on the cover of Picturegoer
29 October 56 is introduced to the Queen at the Royal Film Performance of The Battle at the River Plate at the Empire Theatre, London. Along with her are Marilyn Monroe, Victor Mature, Anthony Quayle, Sylvia Syms, and others.
February 58 is on the cover of Paris Life
24 August 61 becomes the second wife of William Humble David Ward, 4th Earl of Dudley. He’s 12 years her senior and has two children from his previous marriage.
21 October 61 her son William Ward is born
23 May 63 her daughter Susanna Ward is born
18 July 64 her daughter Melissa Ward is born
28 May 66 her daughter Victoria Ward is born
5 September 67 her daughter Amelia Ward is born
7 January 70 her daughter Emma Ward is born
30 October 71 her son Leander Grenville Dudley Ward is born. He will become an assistant photographer.
16 November 11 dies at age 78
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