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(Marilyn Joan Tabor)
16 September 32 is born in Sioux Falls, South Dakota
? starts as a local Chicago TV actress
? marries David Gold, a Chicago broker
1 May 54 her daughter, Lauren F., is born
56 divorces Gold. The divorce gives her custody of Lauren and Gold visiting rights with a provision that the girl not be taken out of Chicago court jurisdiction.
? as a telephone girl on a Los Angeles TV show, she outtakes her boss Tom Duggan and all the guests
? signs with Jayne Mansfield’s agent, William Shiffrin
? Natasha Lytess becomes her drama coach
September 57 columnist Mike Connelly thinks she and Gillette Razor heir Jack Coleman "got themselves engaged..."
November 57 Hugh O'Brian discovers "a mighty pretty companion" in her
confesses to Connelly at the Interlude: "Please don't tell anybody dear - my ex-husband HATES it whenever I get engaged!"
58 is on the cover of Sir Knight
March 58 is seen at the Encore Room with Hugh O'Brian
is pictured pondering a big move with a king-sized chess set on the grounds of the Racquet Club in Palm Springs, California
July 58 is tested for a role in Beach Boy opposite Kim Novak
August 58 dates actor Robert Horton at the Captain's Table
Connelly heralds her as part of Chicago-in-Hollywood. Her date at Romanoff's is Don Taylor.
September 58 columnist Earl Wilson writes, that she "dove off the high board at the Beverly Hills Hotel pool, lost the top of her Bikini..."
columnist Walter Winchell thinks her "fling-a-ding-ding with 'Wagon Train' star Bob Horton has Nina Foch hotter than Bernard Goldfine's collar..."
January 59 is seen at the Oyster House with actor Robert Horton
April 59 is on the cover of Escapade
July 59 Winchell asks: "Are Raymond Burr and actress Joan Tabor planning a surprise?..."
August 59 helps Mac Krim forget his big love, actress Kim Novak
60 is on the cover of Modern Man Quarterly, Vol. 18
March 60 dates actor Lang Jeffries at the 7 Chefs
is heralded to become Jerry Lewis' leading lady in his upcoming The Bellboy
May 60 Winchell reports: "Famously blonde Marie MacDonald is now sexier looking as a brunette. When actress Joan Tabor was asked: 'What is that color called?' Joan chuckled: 'It's a new shade - they call it natural!'"..."
July 60 is seen out with Bob Six
columnist Dorothy Kilgallen knows: "Ethel Merman's ex-husband, Bob Six, is concentrating on Joan Tabor now that his romance with Dorothy Towne Webb has cooled."
23 September 60 attends Kay Starr’s appearance at the Sherwood Room in Reseda, California
January 61 attends the engagement party of Bonnie Morse and publicity man Don McElwaine with Herb Tobias. Among the guests are Shirley MacLaine with Jimmy Van Heusen, Judy Balaban with Tony Franciosa, Anna Maria Alberghetti with Claudio Guzman, Juliet Prowse with Eddie Goldstone, Dr. Clive Prowse with Mary Murphy, and Barbara Rush with Warren Cowan.
July 61 is seen at Jack's at the Beach with Bob Merrill
August 61 is at P. J.'s with Bob Merrill
November 61 columnist Harrison Carroll tells that the big surprise at Marilyn Hinton's swinging party was actor Brett Halsey not showing up with Debbie Power Loew but driving home Joan
29 December 61 declares in Hollywood that she and actor Broderick Crawford plan to wed on New Year's Day in Las Vegas. All plans have not been completed, she says, but the couple expects to depart the night of December 31 by plane for Las Vegas. She and Crawford are expected to return in a few days because of his TV series "King of Diamonds,” in which she also appears.
31 December 61 she and Crawford are pictured celebrating New Year's Eve at a private party in Hollywood. She explains "there was so much to do and so many things had to be gotten ready, that the wedding would be delayed until the middle of the week."
4 January 62 marries actor Broderick Crawford, the ex of Kay Griffith, at the Baptist Little Church of the West in Las Vegas, Nevada. He's 50; she's 26. The ceremony is performed by Reverend Melvin Pekrul. It's the second marriage for each. Her 7-year-old daughter, Lauren, is with her. Crawford's 14-year-old son Kim attends too. The wedding party includes baseball star Ernie Banks of the Chicago Cubs and Mrs. Banks.
February 62 columnist Harrison Carroll writes: "Brod Crawford's ex, Kay Crawford, is coming here from Coronado to meet Brod's new bride, Joan Tabor..."
19 February 63 Gold sues her in Chicago for the custody of their 8-year-old daughter, Lauren. Gold, vice president of the Illinois Midwest Corporation, says in Superior Court that "the child is committed to a life of loneliness with only fleeting glimpses of her parents." He attributes this to extensive traveling by Joan and Crawford. Judge Harry G. Hershenson rules that Gold, who now has Lauren in his home, may have temporary custody pending a hearing on March 5. Joan says she intends to be a fulltime mother and housewife. "I have no career plans," she testifies. She adds that after talks with Crawford they decided one actor in the family is enough.
? Crawford adopts Lauren
? co-stars on stage with husband Broderick Crawford in Born Yesterday and Dead Pigeon
1 July 65 separates from Crawford
Late December 65 sues Crawford for divorce in Los Angeles Superior Court, claiming he "strikes and abuses" her. On one occasion, Crawford went to Europe, leaving her with "all the bills to pay," she claims. She seeks a court order to restrain him from visiting her Beverly Hills home and "annoying her." She also seeks to prevent him from selling or transferring community property.
January 66 sues Crawford for divorce, claiming he became violent at times
May 66 Crawford is reported having been sure that his ex-wife, Kay Griffith, would marry him as soon as he was divorced from Joan. "He was wrong. Brod even spent a month in San Diego, Kay's hometown courting her, but Kay has decided she and Brod get along better as friends than they ever did as man and wife."
26 April 67 is granted a default divorce from Crawford in Hollywood after accusing him of "physical and verbal abuse." She testifies she was forced to live on the charity of friends and relatives and that she developed ulcers two years ago. "He talked terribly and pushed me around quite a bit. In fact, he pushed me over furniture and things." He's 55; she's 33.
18 December 68 as Marilyn J. Gold, she dies at age 34 at a hospital in Beverly Hills, California, from an accidental overdose of influenza medicine. Her first husband, Gold, says he and Joan were reconciling. An autopsy is scheduled.
? is interred at the Mausoleum Niche, Woodlawn Cemetery, Sioux Falls, Minnehaha County, South Dakota
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