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(Rose Mary Emma)
18 August 28 is born in Geneva, Illinois, to propman Joseph Emma, from Sicily, and vaudeville dancer Amelia Berky, from Austria
? her family moves to Lake Forest, Illinois, where her father manages the Deerpath Theatre
? entertains with a USO troupe in a military hospital during WWII
46 heads to California to pursue a performing career and enrolls at the Pasadena Playhouse
Early 50s is a “Golden Circle Girl” at Paramount
finds the right man, writer-producer Leonard Freeman, at the Pasadena Community Playhouse
May 52 will star in Paramount’s upcoming War Bonnet, a.k.a. The Savage
53 marries Freeman
15 August 54 her daughter, Robin, is born in Los Angeles
55 misses her daughter’s first birthday party due to the shooting schedule at the Pentagon, Washington D.C., for Earth Versus the Flying Saucers
57 isn’t happy with director Reginald LeBorg while filming War Drums
December 63 has her last acting job on a television show and retires to raise her children
20 January 74 becomes the widow of Freeman, who dies at age 53 in California following heart surgery
18 June 76 marries producer-director Walter E. Grauman in Los Angeles. He's 54; she 47.
17 October 80 divorces Grauman in Los Angeles
4 March 12 dies of natural causes at age 82 in Santa Monica. She is survived by three daughters, two brothers and six grandchildren.
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